Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Working on the Blogsite and Gearing up for Spirit Taste 2013!

Hello fellow #Rumlovers.
Yeah I know it's a hashtag -- and one in use by many lovers of rum on Twitter. But I used it to show that we are growing as a Twitter presence, I try to use #RTRR on all my tweets now and of course we are @Rick_Rum_Runner if you want us to really see your tweet. I am SO behind how it all works -- but you can follow us and get updates on our posts, as well as comments and other unsolicited murmurings.

We have a Facebook presence (American Made Rum) as well, please visit us there and click the LIKE button.
The Facebook page is a great way to read about what many of the distillers are doing, plans and just a lot of fun. Also, a great source of recipes for rum drinks (and many others as our Distillers are a talented bunch and rum is just part of their offerings).

Our Appearance at and DrinkWire 
This is very exciting. You can see the presence of our Contributor Badge. This means every blog I post here is also exposed to their large audience, getting us more readers and making more Distillers aware of us. Good stuff. Please visit there and read us and other great bloggers, writers, authors, even bartenders writing about fun stuff and passing on information that you may want.... Oh and make sure you click on the articles you've read (don't forget us!) so they know you like the input!

Internet Sales
This has just started. I think we may have been up to Connecticut the last time I looked so it IS happening. We are adding a notation to all Distillers that offer internet sales we will use the symbol -> *I* This will indicate Internet sales. Now we are not infallible, but we hope we get everyone right. Distillers -- PLEASE feel free to send me the correct info - if your product(s) is (are) available over the net. This would include the availability to by directly from your site and ability to buy from distributors who DO sell on the internet. I want to get it right and help you be available. I want to be the place people go when they want to know about Craft Distilled Rum, so I want to get it right!

Spirit Taste 2013
What stared as a tasting for a few friends and family has grown. We hope to have a group of people, some rum lovers, others wanting to learn, some just curious; tasting as many Rums (and a few other spirits we have accumulated) as we have in-house. I am very gratified that we have received very positive support from Distillers in our venture, we took our first delivery of Rum samples from a fine Distiller (I will give out more information as time comes closer) and we have heard from MANY just asking for an address and sharing their enthusiasm to help... Believe me I really appreciate it and hope this grows!!

I will keep everyone up to date and will report as we continue.
More later...

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