Monday, August 19, 2013

We Welcome a New Distiller -- And other stuff

The week begins with a pleasant discovery:

Welcome to the list, Rock Town Distillery! For those of you who may be a bit new (more further into the post as to why some of you would be new) the colorful list to the left of these posts, of cool sounding places is, in fact, a list of cool places! let's explore:


A pretty self explanatory title, it is such a list. Next:

RUM RATINGS. This is a live link to This is where I put all my personal tastings of all the rums I have had the opportunity taste. Because most of the rums I taste are somewhat unknown (and it's my job to reverse that) outside a relatively small area there is often a long delay from when I write about my tasting and its appearance in Rum Ratings. Please though feel free not only to visit there but join in on teh fun and start stocking your rum shelf and rate your rums!

 American Made Rum -- The Facebook Page... (Like Us!)

You click that link and are brought to our Facebook page, American Made Rum. Please stop by and like us. OK I know some of us are not into Facebook as much as others but when you are asked to "like" a page -- we don't mean clicking the the little "Like" next to the Comment and Share spots under a post. It is very nice that you may like a post and are more than encouraged to click that like. But the Like I need you to click, is near the top of the page under the heading and banner picture -- it shows LIKE enclosed in a box with a check mark next to it. That Likes the page and helps our visibility in Facebook, helping us get even more participation. So please stop by and LIKE the page -- Thank you so much!!

So the next heading is: 

By State (Distiller's name is link - click to open)

This is the list of every known small Distiller in the US that produces a rum. They are listed by state and are live links to every one of them. If you are a Distiller or know of a small distiller of craft Rum -- Please let us know - send us a link Email

So while looking through posts at American Made Rum and Twitter (@Rick_Rum_Runner), I found Rock Town Distillery -- so to them I say a hearty welcome! To my readers - please check them out (hint -- they are in Arkansas and on my list, plus most mentions of their name is a live link!). I will be getting back to you about them very soon!

Why so many new readers?

Earlier I mentioned I'd talk about why so many of you might be new readers. Well RTRR is now published on in the DrinkWire section which is from contributing blogs. Well we are now contributing! Since this has started, our already satisfying readership has grown. So make sure if you are not aware of -- pay a visit there as there is a WEALTH of information about all types of liquor and many articles, recipes for fine drinks and just a bunch of great writing!


Coming Soon.....

Next we talk about a Spirits tasting party at the Rum Runners home.... Tune in here Wednesday!



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