Monday, August 05, 2013

The Trip Ends.... The Stories Begin

Wow. . . Did a lot of driving, a lot of eating, stayed at some wonderful places and really enjoyed life. Still, while we did that, we wanted to expand our knowledge of rum. So we stopped along as we went and tasted our way through Michigan....

Driving: Over 1200 miles. Weather was iffy at times (a few minor rains until the drive out of Traverse City, we hit one horrendous rainstorm, but it was only a half hour or so in duration. Over all the weather was cool, from brilliant sun to dark overcast. We stopped, as we mentioned earlier, at four distillers as we traveled and stayed North. On the trip home, we swung East and tapped two more. Each with its own great spirits and each with a story all their own.

Ugly Dog Distillery: Made it here with minutes to spare... I am Laughing Out Loud at that as we just caught Dewey as he was locking up for the day. As he mentioned, yes there are working hours but if you are there, they are open. For his niceness in waiting as long as he did, he managed to make a few sales to others who stopped by to buy. Karma, right? This was a great place and will be coming up as we go.

Since we ran as late as we did, we knew trying to get to our next stop the same day was impossible. We pretty much had decided earlier, that we'd wait to stop at the next one. So we spent the night at the summer place of a friend, spent the evening, night and 3-4 hours of the early morning chatting, drinking and laughing. Still, we made it out around noon and headed for the last planned rum stop of this trip.

Big Cedar Distilling looks like it may be a Cinderella story, yet to be told. You won't want to miss Doug Stanke's dreams, plans and realities he has in store for BCD. That too will be coming as we unfold the visit to each of the 7 distillers we visited. A big couple of weeks or blogs, with comments, pictures and tastes ahead. Come back Wednesday as we begin in detail!

As for me, just turned 63 and have to admit.... LOTS of driving (sure in a fun car) has worn me out this trip a bit. But after a nights rest in my own bed -- the adventure is now telling YOU about it all... Why? Because I am:

See you Wednesday!

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