Friday, August 02, 2013

Swinging South In Michigan

Friday looks like we will be on the roll. We plan to leave Traverse City in the AM and head toward Chelsea Michigan and Ugly Dog Distillery (I love Distillery names!!). They have quite a nice line of Vodka, flavored Vodkas and Gin. However, its the Ugly Dog Rum we are searching for.... I can hardly wait! We have been having a great time in Michigan all week and I know I have not really done much since Monday... But even a Rum Runner needs a vacation. Yea sampling rums and hearing great Distiller stories is SO tough...

Back to Friday (Today if the scheduler works) --- We then head to Sturgis, Michigan and pay a visit to Big Cedar Distilling. They have an exciting looking line of Vodkas, Bourbon, Cinnamon and Coffee Liqueurs as well as some Michigan Moonshine.... To top that they have Castaway Rum and Castaway Spiced Rum. Those of you who read regularly (and why don't you??) know that when I started my journey into craft rums - I disliked the spiced rums available to the mass markets. However, tasting the ones made by Distiller with a passion for the product and some creativity and fun for blending, I have become a spiced rum fan.

As usual, once I get back home (maybe a preliminary Monday blog) we will follow up with an in-depth look at all the Michigan Distillers we visited this trip. Yes I'll have pretty pictures, perhaps even a video (if I remember, I forget how easy it is on my iPhone) or two to show. Until then, stop by periodically as I may just post blurbs or three over the weekend....

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