Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's talk - Rock Town Distillery

I was looking at Twitter and exploring distillers that were unfamiliar to me. I came upon Rock Town Distillery. So we have exchanged some email and I have installed them into our list of places to visit (over on the left of this blog - please click and visit or representative Distilleries there). I think today is a great day to explore their site....

Riverboat Rum
Their rum, aptly named, sounds intriguing. If I read correctly - they use Brown Sugar rather than molassas. This makes for a nice taste and, as they mention, a distinct vanilla. The whiskey barrels will add some flavors and a nice nose as well. I would love to wrap my tongue around a taste of this and report back to you. Let's let their site describe this rum to us:
"Riverboat Rum is slowly distilled from premium dark brown sugar in our copper potstill. Aged in used whiskey casks and then filtered to a clear beautiful spirit.
Riverboat Rum is full of character, exceptional smooth, light bodied spirit. On the nose it has delicate notes of vanilla and brown sugar, on the palate it is rounded with vanilla and spice.
Riverboat Rum is smooth and mixable, just like riding on a Riverboat. Perfect for a Mojito, Daiquiri or a Riverboat and Coke.
Take a ride on the river, Riverboat Rum."

They have open tours and the Distillery sounds and looks like a nice place to visit.  
Lastly I add a video --- All pictures and this video are from Rock Town Distillery's website.
Go there -- visit the site and the distillery -- Try their products (read Rum) and tell them you heard about them here, at:

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