Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In Search of Michigan Rum -- Mission Table and Grand Traverse Distillery

Mission Table - Civilized Spirits

I love driving the peninsulas of Grand Traverse Bay and now we are in search of rum! This stop (one of two this blog) is at Mission Table. To call it just a Distillery is wrong; it is a Restaurant, Inn, Brewery and Distillery.
The place is set in the Mission Peninsula of Grand Traverse Bay. The sight-lines, scenery and surrounding are very eye-appealing. We found a place to park (seemed to be a roomy lot as lunch was being served and the outdoor seating was quite filled) and were directed to the door leading to the tasting room. The room is set in the Restaurant building and the people are very nice. I sauntered up and got a tasting of their rum. I saw only the white rum - finding out later that they had a spiced as well... Sorry, my fault (great excuse to go back!). It was a bit crowded and beyond a few questions, we really did not get to chat too much. As I always say - missed opportunities lake that just make it more fun to return.
The Old Mission Premium Rum was quite good. The nose was familiar and had the molasses edge. The taste had a decided buzz at the tongue but a good mixing rum for all your cocktail needs. It is a shame I missed the Spiced. I plan to contact them soon and see if I can get a sample post-haste... I'll keep you all informed!
My complete rum Tasting is listed on as usual. Please go there to see my review of Old Mission Rum as well as my taste reviews of every rum I taste on that site. In fact please join me as a member and post your own tastes and comments!

Grand Traverse Distilling 

The last stop on this leg of our Michigan journey was pretty much predestined. Both my wife and I have been fans of Grand Traverse Distillery for some time. They have amazing Vodkas and their whiskeys are premium not just in name. For us the Cherry Vodka is a sinful dessert drink -- even a great topping for vanilla ice cream... When you open the bottle the entire room is filled with the rich bouquet of cherries.. Yes..!


This is not a Vodka blog and Grand Traverse Distillery has had on their website - for some time - this disclaimer RUM. Right, unless their Rum is named Coming Soon, still no rum for us.... Sigh. Even stopped by the Traverse City Distillery to double check, but alas... The rum is gone, er, has never been there. I will be staying in contact though encouraging them to jump in, the drinking is fun!

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