Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Spirits Tasting at the Rum Cave

 (Our taste Mistress)


With the travel I have done and the rums I have tasted and now have on hand, I have decided to have an informal, yet hopefully informative tasting here at my home (the Rum Cave). We have a pretty good variety to try already and it is in the works to expand that as well. Things are still rather tentative and somewhat nebulous but it should work like this:
We will have a pretty large group of friends and family in late September, gather here and both taste and comment on the different rums. There will not be a winner or loser just some commentary about the rums. I have been approached by family members and a few friends that they haven't tasted rums to -- well -- taste rum. Considering the general lack of knowledge of rums beyond the few we often think of, I felt that this would be more of an education and an experience with friends and relatives and with their comments passed on to you, the reader, and fellow drinker. If this works out -- who knows we could move forward from there!
I will, of course supply written word, lots of pictures and hopefully, video. I think this multimedia presentation should be pretty fun and educational to read, see and watch. I am open to ideas that any of you might have and we will tell more as the time approaches!
To distillers that are reading this, if you'd like to have us include you -- please contact me to get information on getting product to us... And thank you! Thank you for helping and for expanding my knowledge of American Made Rum and passing it on to others!

More as we go forward.
Friday we look at Rock Town Distillery in detail... Don't miss it!

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