Friday, July 26, 2013

Second Half of Michigan Road Trip!

We ended Wednesday talking about New Holland Brewing and Distilling as well as a favorite of ours (Mr & Mrs Runner) Grand Traverse Distillery. We plant to visit them and any other distillery that might pop up.... However, after the better part of a week, all good things must come to an end. Fear not RTRR still has plans and we still need to get home.
By adjusting the trajectory, we can swing East and swing through Chelsea Michigan and find Ugly Dog Distillery. I find we can buy it in many many places in Michigan and may "pre-taste" but still I love Distillery tours! This puts us in a great position to drive to Sturgis and see Big Cedar Distillery. They have Castaway Rum and a spiced version as well. As a guy who once disliked spiced rums -- I am panting to slurp this one.

OK folks that is the itinerary, so far. As before be on the lookout for updates on the road and I will attempt to keep the Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting (as well as bonus ones hopefully!!). So, until next week (while we are on the road) and most likely a special Saturday New Holland Update.... I am ---------->

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