Monday, July 29, 2013

Running Rum

Sunday  was  a busy day for Rick the Rum Runner, we visited three Distillers and sampled two white rums. Much more detail to follow but I will quickly run them down here today.
We drove to Grand Traverse Distillery looking to see if they had moved. Forward on their rum that they listed as "coming soon" on their website over the last year. Alas, no. A shame as their vodkas are great and I know a rum by them would be quality.
Driving over to Lake Leeannu we discovered Northern Latitudes. They were not on our list but my wife found them in a visitor's guide. Well worth the drive and we will follow up soon with a story about them. Every product. We tasted was top notch!
We also found Mission Table. This seems to be part of a brew, distillation conglomerate. I am doing more research and hope to follow up.
For now, this is Rick the Rum Runner, talk to you again, soon.

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