Monday, July 08, 2013

Rick's Rambles

It has been a busy month and it's only 8 days old! During this time I looked at the movement of RTRR blog here and took stock.

We have a pretty loyal readership, a few thousand reads a month and I see a real joining of this blog and American Made Rum, our Facebook presence. I like. I can't seem to get as many likes for American Made Rum as I'd like - but I can't drive about and twist everyone's arm to click the LIKE button. Withe the stats I see on activity -- it can't be the same 87 people accounting for all the activity there. So if you go there -- please LIKE us... it helps our placement to be seen by even more people.
This disparity is why I experimented with copying some of the input to AMR to this blog to attract more activity here. 3000 reads a month and 2 registered users??? How many of you subscribe, or receive via email and I don't know about it? Anyway -- thanks to all the people who DO read both this blog and American Made Rum.

Another thing is the remodel going on here with me building the directory of Distillers. Yeah, I'm lazy (face it I'm a rummy). As I say often around the house - It will get done when it gets done. I am enjoying Summer and tend to drive off on some adventure or another and neglect things here a bit. Which brings me to another point. I took a bit of vacation from blogging over the last few days, but fear not; I should be back in the grove as we go on. I tend to be VERY laid back in the summer and being retired means I even forget what day it is. I like the Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule I have adapted and will generally keep to that, so a return to normal is forthcoming.

Rum related entry:
Was at a local restaurant that we love for their great food and wonderful bar, Hackney's. We stopped after a warm day of driving (chasing down Garden statuary -- the place used to crawl with these places, now, when I want some -- nothing...?) we stopped at the Palos Hackney's and my wife ordered a Sweet Tea Vodka, tea and lemonade drink. When asked who's Vodka it was, I was happy to hear -- Firefly!!! Oh and I sipped it and it was great!!! Which leads to another question. How many of us ask for the brand of what ever liquor we want and What is the best way to get a bar to carry the rum we wish?? I confess I need to do this more but hear stories of "If my distributor doesn't carry it I can't get it." Is that rue? What up wid that??

OK back to the statue search and clean up after the July festivities here at the Rum Cave in Tinley Park.

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