Friday, July 19, 2013

Rick is on the Road Again!

Yes, we will be visiting 4 distilleries (Disclaimer --- maybe more maybe less, may or may not be any/all mentioned here today) and finding out about their product beginning next weekend! 

So far we are planning to visit: New Holland Distillery, Ugly Dog Distillery, Grand Traverse Distillery and Big Cedar Distillery. If I see any others, trust I will be stopping. I have also reminded myself to ask at bars and restaurants, as they sometimes have others or even, Their Own! The finality of these stops is based on their availability, and us being there! While I try to make every effort - I am vacationing and tend to have a more Devil-may-care attitude than usual. Of course my usual attitude is also quite DMC....

I can assure you of a few things. We will be visiting Chateau Chantal for wine... LOVE this winery. Also, while visiting Grand Traverse Distillery, they have NO RUM! But their website says "Coming Soon." Well, so am I guys!!! Hope to talk about the arrival of a rum and a taste for poor, dry-mouthed Rick.

Please click on the links in the story to take a look at the Distilleries. If you are hitting the road or traveling to other cities - please click on the links in the PLACES YOU SHOULD VISIT sidebar (I love that word - Sidebar) to the left. this will take you to Distillers around the country. Plan a visit, taste their spirits and please send me an email telling me all about it.... Heck I may even publish your review/letter. You are welcome to include pictures too! If you know of, or have a place NOT on my list -- please use the email link to send me info as well!

Stay tuned here as Rick the Rum Runner hits the road again!!!!

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