Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Off we go --- Again...

OK Travel plans are gelling. We have hotel reservations and we picked a direction to travel. 

We will be right by Journeyman Distillery and would love to stop and say hi (still not 100% out of the question) but most likely we will drive up to Holland Michigan Saturday and stop at the production campus of  New Holland Brew and Distillery. We have been emailing and don't know if we will meet the owners, but we hope to be there for a tour... I love touring Distilleries, let's you see the distiller's vision and the whole crew's mission. 

Once Sunday comes up upon us we will be spending the better part of the next week in the Traverse City, Petosky, Mackinaw area, we plan to visit Grand Traverse Distillery. Now, we discovered this fine venture a few years ago, and fell in love with their Vodka, the cherry to be exact. Since then they have stated on their website that a Rum is "coming soon" well, so is Christmas, and I can't wait for that either, so I want to ask and get an answer to THE questions..... When?

So -- that takes care of 1/2 the stops.... Stop by Friday and find out the two remaining. Also -- if you are in that area or know it well, please email us with any other distillery stops -- we WANT more rum!

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