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Ipswich Rum -- New on my list

Wanted to welcome some of the new Distilleries that have made it to my list of PLACES YOU SHOULD VISIT. Now, when I say they are new -- they are new to ME. I may have overlooked them or not been aware - but they are out there. Part of my job, running rum, is to keep abreast of distilleries and in doing so -- keeping you up-to-date as well.

Turkey Shore Distilleries
Ipswich Rum

These are the distillers and their product we want to introduce you to....

The History

Part of this journey is that I love finding out the history behind these rums. Distilled spirits and rum in our case is like a living, breathing thing. Finding out HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHERE is what it is all about. Here, in their words, is a brief history of Turkey Shore Distillery. (RTRR)

Evan Mat TankTurkey Shore Distilleries LLC was formed in 2010 in the historic coastal town of Ipswich, Massachusetts by two childhood friends and locals, Mat Perry and Evan Parker. The idea of starting a distillery first came to Mat in 2007 when he was on a one year sabbatical from his job teaching high school history. During that year, Mat attended graduate school in Hanover, New Hampshire where he was exposed to a robust culture of locavores. Sampling the delicious abundance of what New Hampshire and Vermont had to offer, Mat was struck by the lack of local options when it came to spirits. As a history teacher and avid rum drinker, the lost connection between New England and its rum proved an alluring basis for a possible revival.
The idea of starting a rum distillery gained traction one night when Mat pitched the idea to Evan in a pub over of couple of Ipswich Ales (product of an excellent local brewery). Dogged in his approach to all things in life, Evan did the research that proved micro-distilling was a movement that was sweeping the nation and so it was, indeed, possible to open a distillery. Further research revealed a distillery that operated in Ipswich during the colonial days. That distillery owned by John Heard, which operated from 1770-1836, was located on the street that both Mat and Evan grew up on (Turkey Shore Road) and that the barrels of molasses that originated in the West Indies were unloaded at an old wharf called Hunt’s Wharf, located in Mat’s back yard along the Ipswich River. The molasses and rum were then rolled back and forth across the street from Hunt’s Wharf to the distillery. Furthermore, the manager of the distillery, Nathaniel Heard (John’s brother) lived in Mat’s house. Upon this discovery of a personal connection, Turkey Shore Distilleries was reborn. Now, more than175 years later, Turkey Shore Distilleries once again sits along the banks of the Ipswich River ready to revive the ancient tradition of producing New England rum!

 Now, making a rum is only the start of a process. Ingredients, methods, process control even marketing and sales are all part of it. The biggest basic piece of machinery is

Oi Rum Logo Hi Res
250 Ipswich PotstillAiming to reconnect New Englanders to a significant (but largely forgotten) part of their past, Turkey Shore Distilleries produces a line of hand crafted rums under its flagship brand Old Ipswich Rum. Using table grade sweet molasses from the sugarcane fields of Louisiana and a custom built 250 gallon copper pot still built in Kentucky, Old Ipswich Rum is a true American product destined to awaken the New England spirit in all of us. We sincerely hope that through our commitment to using only the finest ingredients and our devotion to producing rum at the highest quality standards, that both experienced and novice rum drinkers alike will gain a greater appreciation for this wonderful and most versatile of locally made spirits. Have a drink with history and please enjoy Old Ipswich Rum responsibly!

Apparently, they are doing some real good.... Here is a sampling of press about them:
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Not too shabby, eh? 

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To my readers -- please drop by - visit and leave word that you heard through me. To the Folks at Old Ipswitch Rum.... I have to plan a visit -- but like many have a tight travel budget. If there is a way I can sample your rum and share it with our readers -- I'd appreciated it!! Also -- please link us from your website as we do you??

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