Monday, July 22, 2013

How do you do it?

Today's subject is simple. how do I -- or you (if you love your rum) get restaurants and or bars to carry craft rums? Now Mrs. Runner and I love to go out to eat and I'd love to be able to request any number of fabulous craft rums over the adequate yet mundane choices offered in so many places.
I know the Distillers reading this have one avenue -- they can "sell" the places on their product via distributors and/or in person. But I am not planning to stock the more regular places we visit buy buying bottles for them to sell back to me, one shot at a time. So do I ask to see the manager and request one or more brands I'd like to see there and perhaps use my substantial clout via this blog to get them to carry them for me? It's not like I am that well known in most of these places, and I wonder what sway I'd have over them?
Just tossing that out to you as an open question. I'd love to see comments upon it. 
Meanwhile; we leave for Michigan next Saturday the 27th. So far we are looking to either swing east and visit two places on the way up towards our final destination in the Traverse City/Petosky area, and when we leave around August 2, we get a third on the way back south. The other selection is to do that in reverse. Still up for discussion. There is at least one other in the area where we will spend the week, so we could hit 4-5 all told -- more if we find them
Back soon with more detail -- See you Wednesday!

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