Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hello & Welcome to.... The Striped Pig

When I got a hearty "Hello" and a follow on my Twitter Account from these fine folks -- I had to say -- Love The Name. Let's take a look at this Distillery set in Charleston South Carolina (Another good reason for me to return and -- DANG we missed you on our trip!!!). Oh I stole pictures from your gallery --- Hope you don't mind.


Their Tradition and History
I only post an introduction to their Tradition and origin of their name. I encourage all to visit their website and read, look and be entertained... Also make plans to visit and sample! RTRR

The original “Striped Pig” is referred to in an Old Sturbridge Village booklet, Rum and Reform, in Old New England. In this selection from A History of the Striped Pig, 1838, we learn of the pig.
This tongue-in-cheek story obviously drove home the point of the temperance reformers like Carrie Nation and Frances Willard; the pig symbolized all drinking men of that time in our country’s history. 

South Carolina Grown
At Striped Pig, we pride ourselves on only using the freshest, local ingredients to make our liquors.Myer’s Farm in Bowman, South Carolina, is the source of our corn, rye and wheat. A fourth-generation farm that has been around since the late 1800s, Myers Farm has over 1,700 acres of land.
Our Stripes are green.
All of our ingredients are locally sourced, contributing to our efforts to stay as green as possible. Also, our waste is donated to local farmers to feed their animals and grow their crops.
You will be impressed to find that the mill house in our facility, most of the furniture, wall décor and even the bars that we serve you on are all made from recycled wood from old barns in surrounding areas.
The Distillery
Welcome to Striped Pig’s Distillery! Here you can learn about our building, our machinery, and how we go about making the delicious products you enjoy.
Everything about Striped Pig is customized to our exact preferences, therefore delivering you the best product for your taste buds.
Our product begins in our own mill where the mash is created then filters into our machinery.
Our top-of-the-line machinery was designed from start to finish by our two head distillers, Johnny Pieper and Todd Weiss. Not only did they design every aspect of the machinery, but also put it together themselves. No detail was overlooked in creating our state of the art, custom-made copper plate condensers and stainless steel boilers.

 So, the call from Rick is ---> If you are in or plan to be in the Charleston SC area -- Let's pay them a visit! In the mean time, I will have to imagine what their Rum tastes like... Someday soon maybe I can get a sample..
In addition to the website, they have a Facebook page too

 That's me!

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