Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bits & Pieces of News and Fun

Good Morning! Passing on rum things you may have missed, as I scroll the Statuses and Tweets
Some days there is so much cool stuff going on -- just got to share 
From American Made Rum and our twitter feed...

The NJ Senate and Assembly have both passed the Craft Distillery bill. Now it is up to the Governor to sign it into law, which we hear might happen as early as Thursday! This means that soon your favorite distillery will be able to have tours of our facility and that you will be able to stop by, have a taste and go home with some rum and some JAD swag! We are SUPER EXCITED!!!!!
Taildragger rums bring home silver medals in the Beverage Testing Institutes rum tasting competition. With a score of 88 Taildragger Amber rum becomes their highest rated American born gold rum.

Railean Handmade Texas Rum
Heading to work....submitted the Railean Vodka label and the Railean White Whiskey label to the Feds last night! Now if only I could get all this Blue Agave and Rum made so I can work on the new stuff!
Awesome! Have you had a Bywater Bomber yet?!

Babies! (375 ml bottles, now available only at the Tasting Room in Crested Butte)

Bayou Rum started shipping late last week and Rouse's Supermarket is apparently first to market with Bayou Rum! Check out this picture from:

Rouses Supermarkets #32
4350 Highway 22
Mandeville LA 70471

We look forward to seeing you Saturday

Stray Tweets: (Not responsible for the links.... My editor says they are live.... but who knows!)

Ah, the DIY ingenuity of the Baltimore dive-bar :) --> RT : Ice in the Urinals

The 4th of July is right around the corner... what's on your menu?

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Looking good! prominent as it should be!

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