Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Time Rum

Sitting on the deck.... A powerful thirst overcomes me. Rum, I need rum, I want raspberry iced tea. Guess what? Yeah they were made for each other. My thoughts on the mix were these:

This iced tea was already sweet, real sweet. Something about tea in my mind is that it has a real smokey flavor, subtle, but well worth exploring. To play on that meant -- Aged rum, toasted cask -- aged rum. I opted for Cedar Ridge and sweet raspberry iced tea. I nor my lovely wife were disappointed. Now I know mixing these two (or is it three since the tea had raspberry added?) has to have happened before, and judging from the taste -- often. I had three.

I am a fan of Thai Iced Tea. The sweetness of the sugar syrup, condensed milk, mixed with the exotic very smoky flavor begs a marriage with rum. In this case, I plan a white rum..... A plan hatches
Come on folks -- I know you read by blog -- how about a little interaction? Simple, cooling rum drinks for the hot weather that is arriving every where. I'll be thinking and writing - write me with you suggestions --- for ease of it all, use this link.

Talk to you later

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