Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Story, on the Journey

I grew up in Chicago. My parents were a WWII, married in '41. I was raised in the 50's and 60's, my Dad was a beer drinker, my Mom would sample a little bit here, just a sip there. My memories of parties at house include mu Uncles (some Aunts too) lined up at the basement bar, drinking beer with the occasional shot for emphasis. Boilermakers. So Whiskey and beer were the drinks I grew into. Well, I got halfway. Being in the building trades - beer was the nectar of life. I hung with a biker crowd so sure -- more beer with generous shots of Hennessy's thrown in for the fun of it all. Rum really was not in my repertoire until the 1990's. that was my introduction to Caribbean Rums. One of the finds was CSR while walking the rain forest on St Kitts. Something set it apart from the rums I'd had. Soon I was sampling it all.
Once back home, I settled back into the routine, the only rum I'd regularly drink was Bacardi, which made a fine Cuba Libre, I thought. A few people would buy me rums and i kept gravitating back to the sweeter ones. I liked some of the golden ones as well, they seemed to display a caramel flavor and a bit more body. A gift of Tommy Bahama both silver and golden caught my taste buds. Still, I had not even DREAM that much rum was being made in the US.
Upon retirement from work fired up my interest in writing (I wrote WolfPointe more than a few years ago) but I wanted to blog. But on what subject? Well, one day I was searching for a rum that I would like and stumbled upon a US Made Rum (Prichards). I bought it and loved their Crystal Rum. So I decided to write about and really for the Distillers of American Made Rums. Now, down the road from October of 2012, This is where we are now. I am a self appointed promoter of crafted, small batch rums, made here in the US. I have met great people, heard some inspiring, fascinating and hilarious stories. I have loved every minute. So now, I am aiming at reaching out to more, letting the Distillers continue to tell their stories and drink their rum. Not a bad passion

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