Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Looking at Craft Rum in the US - Part Two - Muddy River

This was a fun place! I met Robby and Caroline Delaney, two young, committed to the passion, distillers. Proud owners of Muddy River Distillery (MRD). We showed up in teh later afternoon, finding the Distillery was not too hard. The unit is in an old brick building that has house industries for a very long time. The day they bought their unit - it flooded - hence the name. Since then - I think they have kept it dry, well at least as far as water goes.

I mention dedicated to making their rum, Muddy River - Carolina Rum. You can read my reaction to my first taste here. I was pleased. It seems that I was not the only one as their business has grown to the point that beginning this year - it is full time. To be frank - I can see why.

In spite of the quality of the rum, its mellow taste and a stand out in its crystal form (soon to have an amber aged brother rum) getting "out there" is a problem (hasn't really slowed them down much) while trying to navigate the peccadilloes of local and state laws. Selling the stuff is downright complicated. If you go to their list of stores - the contents is vast, but only in North Carolina! I could not leave without scoring a bottle. Here is to wide spread distribution in the near future you guys!!

While there I was treated to Robby's dream. He is planning the expansion of MRD. The unit they now have is.... well... to Freaaking small!! Caroline mentioned that it often takes 1/2 hour on the forklift clearing the area so they can start the still, or bottle, or barrel. Then at the end of a long day (2AM is not out of the question) spending another 1/2 hour putting stock, ingredients etc back inside before
locking up for the night, er morning -- or ... whatever. So expansion was needed. Here are some pictures of the new space. Space is the key word here as the Delaney's want to allow tours to see the process safely, and from a vantage-point where it does not interfere with production, allows a great view and does not require climbing additional stairs. His plans are awesome. A raised our, tasting, marketing area overlooking the production area and surrounded by barrels aging the rum, as well as access to a bottling area and room for group gatherings from Corporate outings to social gatherings. The area he has acquired should meet that need and be a destination for not only first class rums but entertainment and who knows food as well don the line.

Finally I "lifted" this fascinating video that tells you so much more and so much about Robby Delaney...

So for now I am ----

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