Monday, June 03, 2013

Looking at Craft Rum in the US - Part One - Barrel House

In the last month and specifically during my travels through the South and the visit with four, great and distinct Rum Distillers I developed some thoughts. I'd like to share them with you starting today.

Barrel House Distillery, set in the Barreling House of a defunct distillery (lasted to 1958 if I remember correctly), showed me the spirit of a pair of guys (Jeff Wiseman and Pete Wright) that hit on a shared idea refined it (apparently over many poker hands) and decided to act upon it. When I was there I saw a business intent on making high quality, hand crafted distilled spirits (yes they go well beyond just rum). They have incorporated a food and entertainment business that allows them to expand within their markets and keep a hand upon quality, the real measuring stick in this business.

Friendly, knowledgeable and happy to share their story, their passion and their liqur, this business is destined to go places.

If you missed it----> Blog published made right after our visit: BHD

Below, some pictures and some comments from me:
In a cook as we visited. The smell was nose-candy.  The heat? Yeah a bit warm. If you cook, you know a little heat brings good things...

This is Noah, he was our tour guide. He knew his way around - had an easy way of teaching without you even know you're learning. He answered questions, and was very entertaining (read meaning -- able to put up with my sense of humor).
Noah made an excellent sample pourer. My wife and I were treated to the entire line of Barrel House spirits and we enjoyed them

This is Peter Wright to the left and Noah on the right selecting our next sample. My wife, is at the ready. I have to say Cathy has learned a lot about rum (and all distilled spirits, for that matter) and by the time we had been to additional distillers became a very good questioner. I just had to take picture, and listen!

On site at Barrel House they have, as a part of the tasting area, a great little gift shop. Their spirits are available all over. In fact here is a link where you can check on your state as to where you can get their liquor. i think you'll find their products top notch and I found Oak Rum to be hearty and full of flavor. 
It was so much fun and quite exciting to see the place and meet the owners and some of the staff. Continued success you guys --- !

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