Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching Up June 2013

So many things.... and me with a total disorganized mind. Well, grab hold of something -- here goes.

Congrats to Tailwinds Distilling.... The first rum Distiller I visited. To Toby, Jamey, et al --- Happy first anniversary! Love your White Rum -- Love your Amber.... Looking to taste your Coffee flavored.... Sorry I missed the birthday bash -- hope it went well!

Just in from Bully Boy Distillers
We are excited to let you know that our long awaited aged 'Boston Rum' is now available in MA, RI and NH.  Visit your local store to grab a bottle of our first batch which boasts a full body and bold flavor profile with hints of vanilla, caramel and nougat.
In celebration of our Boston Rum launch, join us at Trade for a tasting on Thursday, June 20th from 6-8:00pm.  Trade's amazing team of mixologists will be making specialty cocktails and small bites from the restaurant's spring menu will be available. 

Tickets for the Boston Rum launch, at Trade, on Thursday, June 20th from 6-8:00pm can be found here

Boston Rum is currently available in Mass and RI. 


Will and Dave
Founders & Distillers
Bully Boy Distillers

Here at Rick The Rum Runner we have a list for those sites we want you to visit. For now it has Rum Ratings. If you have not caught up with all the "goings on" here -- I am abandoning my Taste Cards -- Too complex. Instead, we are going to use Rum Ratings to list our ratings for all the yummy rum we get to try. So -- I invite all you rum lovers (#rumlovers) to join RR and rate the rums you've tasted.... 

Also, I am moving the listing of all the Distilleries that make a US Made Rum right to a side list -- linked and available to all that come here. Which leads to another request -- Could all you fine distillers please post a link to this blog somewhere on your webpage and/or Facebook page. If you could include a link to our Facebook page that would be great too.
Finally, I have reached a conclusion. There is no way I will ever get to every distiller of fine rum in the United States. At least not as quickly as I can write. So -- please consider shipping a small sample to us for a taste so I can at least enjoy a swallow that I can rate and talk about it and you business. All this in the name of a growing audience of readers and an honest wish to see the craft rum business in the US succeed and get even better. For you its another voice talking about your passion, your life, your rum. Just email for shipping information.... Also if you are not on my list -- a sample is the BEST way to get listed. The entire list will be up in the next week or so...

Till next time -- I, as always will be:

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