Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Remote blogging....

Testing 1, 2, 3....
Hopefully, you are reading this as Wednesday, May 8, 2013's blog. I have not explored scheduling on my iPhone app for Blogger, so Jack Sparrow knows when this will hit the blog.
"Why," you may be saying to yourself, "is Rick doing this??" Well, I wanted to try this app to see what I can and can't do. That means you may be subjected to some pictures, even videos over the next few blogs that are worse than even the regular fare here. However, no progress without experimentation
As I get better at this (I hope) I plan to post parts of our visits to the distilleries in  written and visual form. So much fun when you are somewhere new! Hopefully fun for you too. 
Got a new hat.... Proclaiming my identity. So all you in the areas we are headed watch for me, in that hat, driving this car:
 So, that's about it for today. I remain Rick the Rum Runner.....

Allllllllll Righty - then. I am now at the laptop. and discovering I can only save remotely and then Schedule and publish from my computer..... Sounds good with me!!! Hopefully, I won't bore everyone exploring but --- I hope to make it up with unbelievable stories from the road!!! Please stay tuned and if you are any where near the Distilleries that we plan to visit --- introduce yourself and let's have a lil lap of rum together!!!

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