Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's talk ROADTRIP!!

OK looks like all is set for Friday May 17 – we will leave the friendly confines. We have a 6 hour drive to Barrel House Distilling Company. Depending upon the time – we will either check in to the hotel first or visit the Distillery first. I hope we have time to check in then head over as I am rather excited to meet the people who make Oak Rum as well as Pure Blue Vodka (looks like my wife will be very happy), Devil John Moonshine and as Barrel House Bourbon. Be on the lookout folks as you'll the bright Yellow car long before me! I just checked and out room is only about 15 minutes away from Barrel House... Sweet.
get to Lexington Kentucky and

After spending some time at Barrel House and getting a good nights rest we will be headed out to our next stop which will be Belmont North Carolina. That will be a 6-7 hour drive (let's all hope for good weather!) that takes us to Muddy River Distillery.... We are about 20 minutes between hotel and Distillery – so, again – we hope to spend some fun times, taste some great rum and swap a few stories...

I hope that everyone will stop in – Please check the blog daily as I will be posting irregularly, not just Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have ANY questions that you like me to ask any of the Distillers, or comments you have about their product – please feel free to email me.

So as time ticks away --- Hope to hear from you all soon and I hope you will enjoy or road trip

Coming up next time ---- Georgia and South Carolina..... Maybe another test of Remote blogging....

See ya 


  1. Shannon Hahn5/10/2013 9:26 AM

    Enjoy your trip! You should plan a trip north again soon... there is a distillery in Milwaukee called Great Lakes Distillery and also a very small winery & distillery in Burlington. We've been to the one in Burlington, we actually bought Grandma a bottle of their Wisconsin Apple Brandy for Christmas :-)
    Anyways, hope to see you and Aunt Cath at Sophia's communion party this weekend! XoXo

    1. Very Familiar with Great Lakes Distillery -- It is on the list to visit. Their Roaring Dan's Rum sounds like a real rum... Please if you can send us a link to the Burlington Winery/Distillery...