Friday, May 31, 2013

Finding New Rum!!!

Sometimes a new rum will rise up and smack you in the face. During our recent tour of four distilleries we squeezed in a vacation. We stayed at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina and during that stay we visited The Reel Bar which is at the Beach and Pool area. A nice place for a drink and the pool is great too. We had just checked in and I was ordering a drink while we waited for dinner. The in house restaurant (Indigo Grille) uses the Reel Bar for drinks and our waitress was at a loss when I inquired about rums. So I went to the bar.

Turns out they had a great selection (Had Naked Turtle from the US Virgin Islands as well as many imports) but I piqued their interest when I whipped a Rick the Rum Runner card on them, explained my mission in life; and they proudly announce they had their own rum!! I was intrigued...

Their HELLO My Name is Rum is actually a blend of some local craft rums and they age it in a cask. They also have Apple Jack Sparrow Rum. When I asked to see them they brought out the bottles and I was able to taste the aged rum, but the apple escaped my grasp due to HUGE crowds and I could not get back to the bar later. A damned good reason to go back!!

I can say the aged rum was pretty good! Since I suspect they add as they go, (hence the Reposado name) it is a baby aged rum but it has good flavor and both sipped an in a Coke it was great!! And while I will say their labels, while novel, need a bit of work... I enjoyed their spirit and the spirits! Will have to go back and investigate more!!

Yeah.... It's me

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