Monday, May 13, 2013

Battling the Odds but Road Trip still on!

Yeah I have been hit with a flu (let's just call it a gastrointestinal attack) that sidelined me a bit, but I should be fine for Friday's start of the first Rick The Rum Runner Road Trip (RTRRRT). I had left off last week talking about the first couple stops - let's look at the other two Distillery Visits on the itinerary.

 By Sunday May 19 we will be in Savannah GA. I plan to lay back, take in the sights, food and see what interesting Rums I can ingest. There is a good chance we can link up to family who will be visiting Savannah for business, perhaps we can turn it into a bit of pleasure too. We plan to leave there Wednesday and head up to Charleston SC. Now a very interesting stop is in the works sometime in the 4 days we'll be there. We plan to go to Wadmalaw Island and see the Firefly Distillery. Besides the Sea Island Rum, they have a Sweet Tea flavored Vodka (again -- my wife will be excited too on this one) we plan to spend some time here and get to know these products a bit better. The thing I find interesting is the tea is from the US and there is a Tea Plantation nearby. Perhaps we can get to see it all....

Once we leave South Carolina Saturday morning we have a 6 hour drive to Richland GA and Richland Rum. We hope for a nice visit and sampling -- but still have 3 hours to drive to our room for the night, so we will need to be rested and ready for a drive into the night.

We stay in Atlanta and then have a 10-11 hour drive home that we may just divide up and meander home Monday.... While everyone Celebrates Memorial Day -- we will have finished a Memorable Week of Fun, Rum and Southern Hospitality.... !

Stay tuned and check the blog often as I plan to begin some mobile up dates even before we start!

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