Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summertime Plans for the Runner

We have been looking at trips for the Spring summer and also trying to line-up visits to some Rum Distilleries and the chance to buy some rums that are not found in the Chicagoland area. I have been champing at the bit to get out to Journeyman Distillery in Michigan -- literally next door to us. Now that the weather has warmed we have gotten the Roadster out of storage so -- Yeah-baby -- let's roll! That trip can happen on any weekend as Three Oaks is just a bit of an hour away.

Never know who you will bump into
Another place, I have visited but us well worth another trip, as Toby and company make me feel most welcome, is Tailwinds Distillery I see that they have just bottled the second batch of their aged Amber Rum -- so that sounds like a good reason to visit.

May -- looks like towards the middle of the month should find us in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Indiana. Seems like I should be able to find places to visit there, like Prichard's Distillery, Muddy River Distillery, Firefly-Sea Island Rum, Richland Rum and Barrelhouse Distilling.

As you can see -- Lot's of places to try and see, in fact, bet I won't have time to see 1/2 of them! But their brands maybe a bit easier to find in stores, and, I may find MORE!! That could be lots of fun. Plus I will be sampling (or trying to sample) local rums at restaurants in the places I stay - just to see what they offer. 

As part of my journeys, be aware that I will try to post from the road as much as I can -- sending pictures too. I will attempt to keep the Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule I now have, but the on the road stuff can hit at any time! My only advice? Check often! For you smartphone users, download Blogger's mobile app it makes reading Rick The Rum Runner easy! Then you can show it to your friends as you research rum yourself and get even more readers!!! 

Additionally, I will send updates and photos to our Facebook page, American Made Rum. So go there as well and -- hey -- Friend us!!!

So -- until Friday -- Lick the glass!!!

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