Friday, April 26, 2013

Rum and Food Combinations - Big Winner...

Today, I'd like to make you aware of a new book just breaking into print. It is an unusual book, a VERY interactive one as well. So much so the publication is available via iPad, and iPad only. However, don't stop reading as there is so much more to this team than this one book. A lot of it available to us all - iPad or not!!!
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Carlton Grooms and his co-author, Geoffrey Blythe have put together a book that has 40 recipes, 29 videos and is fully interactive. Truly a work needing a platform like the iPad. So while I'd love to peruse it, not being a 'Pad owner will sadly have to wait. But, to you Rum Lovers out there who have an iPad - who love to taste Rum, cook with rum and eat things made with rum; Rum & Contemporary Cuisine, is for you!

If dishes like Shrimp Chowder, or Roast Duck Salad, as well as Chicken Tagine, make you hungry or intrigued enough to hear more --- This will take you there and no iPad needed!

To read more about the book and the author's blogs, click here

To go to a page that will make you drool but tell you so much more, you want to go to Rum & Contemporary Cuisine

A bit about the Authors, from their site:

Carlton Grooms has always been attracted to big, bold and outright dangerous adventure.  He got his start as a Naval Aviator, landing on aircraft carriers.  Thereafter he has found his thrills by running with the bulls in Pamplona, completing the world’s highest bungee jump, and running the Death Valley marathon....
Carlton brings professionalism to his evangelical message of rum, mixed with a jigger of fun and two dashes of not taking things too seriously.

Geoffrey Blythe brings a lifelong love of food and spirits to this book. A classically trained artist, he attended the fine arts program at the California Institute of the Arts before embracing his culinary passion at Johnson & Wales and Baltimore Culinary College....
A truly nice guy, Geoffrey is quick with a laugh and garners great loyalty amongst all who work with him.

To read more about these two witty, smart, skilled and inspirational guys -- Visit the Rum & Contemporary Cuisine website

In fact -- Go there and tell them I sent you!

I -- of course -- am

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