Friday, April 19, 2013

Rick's Southern Swing

We will be driving along after Lexington Kentucky to Belmont North Carolina. Here we will visit Muddy River Distillery. I am looking forward to this place for many reasons -- rum being near the top, but also because when I talked about MRD in an earlier blog post, I called them Muddy Water Distillery. Now, I hope they did not take offense, and their comment mentioning the mistake was very gracious and fun, but when you are from Chicago, you see Muddy, you think Waters, it's a blues thing. But Muddy River it is. Another reason (rum floats to the top) is the fact that their rum is not available near me (I used their search tool and found two stores withing a 500 mile radius, OK near -- but not too near!). Being denied a taste because of distance is so hard to bear....

About Muddy River

Muddy River Distillery - located on the banks of the Catawba River - ferments, distills, bottles and seals every product in-house ensuring a one of a kind flavor that can only be found in North Carolina.
At Muddy River Distillery quality is our number one priority. Every batch of Carolina Rum is distilled in a one of a kind still specifically built by the distiller and then triple filtered for purity while leaving behind the essential taste and aroma of a craft made Rum.
They have worked hard and Muddy River Distillery is proud to say they were “Best of Show” at the 2012 Big Sip Cup....!
I can't let this delicious sounding concoction go by without sharing:

Muddy River Basil Lemonade

  • Muddle a basil leaf and one slice of lemon in the bottom of a pint glass
  • Fill glass 3/4 with ice
  • Add 1-3oz. of Carolina Rum
  • Top off with sprite or soda water
  • Add a splash of simple syrup if you like your drinks a bit sweeter
  • Garnish with a lemon slice

This all in mind, we will be seeing everyone we hope in May.... Follow our progress right on this blog to 4 Distilleries as we travel the Great American South!

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