Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Final Stop On Our Souther Tour

Alas, all good trips come to an end - but our final stop on our tour of some of the Distillers of Rum in the South should leave us with great memories, Richland Rum. Their website is informative. Makes me want to stop by. They have a Facebook presence as well and make sure you Like them there.
After meeting a few Distillers, there is nothing like hearing them talk about their rum. To m, not unlike speaking of a loved one who you wish to impress the stranger and endear them to the very things you find endearing. That in mind here is a note from Jay McCain, Master Distiller of Richland Rum:

Richland Rum bottle"Our rum has a robust structure and a deep precious gold color. The first aromas that present itself reveal caramel, vanilla and espresso."
"The palate distinctly introduces sweet sugar cane aromas with balanced notes of tobacco and field flowers, which combine well with the tannins of oak barrel aging and a dark chocolate finish."
- Jay McCain

You have to admit - a man who loves his work.

Can't leave without attaching this yummy sounding drink recipe:

1 1/2 oz. Richland Rum
1/2 oz. Art in the Age Snap
2 bar spoons brown sugar
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Ginger Beer
Place Rum, Snap, Bitters, and Brown
Sugar in Mixing glass and shake with ice.
Strain over ice into an Old Fashioned
glass and top with Ginger Beer.
created by Marc Caballero, Sprig Restaurant, Atlanta
Hope to  blog from Richland Georgia in May.... In the meantime, I remain:

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