Monday, April 01, 2013

A Guide To All Things Distilled

Sure our aim here is to keep everyone aware and supplied with great rums made in the US, we find many great items that help in our search for the next wonderful tasting. A few weeks ago on my Twitter page I was followed by Microdbooks. Well we have a nice group of followers and I, as I often try to do, Checked 'em out. Seems they have a book; Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada by David J Reimer Sr.. Gotta tell ya worth the read. The Micro Distilleries are sorted by state and a Canada section. Each distillery Ha all the necessary info, from Owner to Distiller From street address to web address. Even Twitter is included!

If you are traveling or planning to do so, this guide is indispensable. You check to see if the Distiller has rum, what brand and style(s) or flavor(s). You can map the address and see how many you can fit into your road-trip. The text is direct - the descriptions more than adequate. A well done layout. Oh and some really great recipes -- many custom for the brand. Mouth watering.

This addition includes e-reader version which I have. Great for tracking with and adding notes as you go. Notes is what I see is the best use for this book. Take a pencil and add your comments, turning this simple sturdy book into a Rum Journal. In fact, I hope the paper version has enough margin and header/footer space for notes -- or better yet an extra page between entries. Still, your commentary will make the book an even more valuable reference for later purchases and tastings-to-be, tied to the text written by Mr Reimer. Still the tome is a useful reference while at home as I mention later.

A downside, and a minor one as far as I am concerned, is its timeliness. This edition goes to 2010 and I know of more than a couple new additions and, sadly, a few that no longer distill. Still, note keeping would easily make up for any shortcomings and the addition of ample note pages would really come in handy.

So, rum lovers, I recommend Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada, if you want to include some great distilleries in your travels. Better still, the book comes in handy in finding places that will sell on-line and the Distillers distribution reach, very important when in the throws of a powerful thirst. Just click on the links imbedded here and read while sipping. The website and Facebook page are interesting and can tell you what you need. Highly recommended for your back bar.

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