Friday, March 08, 2013

Drink Challenge to all Distillers, and Rum Drinkers

Let's Celebrate!

Here we speak of US made rums and distillers and I get a very positive vibe as well as comments from the Distillers I meet. They are happy to hear from someone who is promoting this small batch, craft resurgence of this very American drink. So, as a challenge, I propose the following:


Send us a drink or food recipe (both are welcome) using your Rum(s) as the alcoholic ingredient. You are welcome to add other alcoholic accouterments too, but the main has to be your Rum.
You are free to send in as many as you want and need only to put them in the body of an email sent to me.
I recently did a blog on classic rum drinks and this was the idea that struck me at the time as certain Rums stood out at “natural” additions to some drinks yet - “not so much” the perfect for another. Face it NO ONE knows YOUR Rum as well as you do. So brag – send me your best recipes!
I have wanted to start a drink and food recipe list here. This would be a perfect time to start. This time though I am hoping for some participation on your part.


The same applies to you. If you drink rum and enjoy certain mixes – please send me your choices. If you use rum in cooking and have a favorite recipe there – please, send me your choice. Remember I want the brand of rum you like most and send the recipes to me at this email.

OK folks it is up to you. I know I get plenty of readers every day – so please send me you choice(s)!!!

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