Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Changes here at Rick, The Rum Runner

With the coming Spring, the idea of traveling and visiting more rum distilleries sounds like fun. In fact, it has been a desire since day one of the blog. Having visited two so far – Tailwinds and The Mississippi River Distilling, I am looking at maps and trying to plan out the next one(s). To do that, however, means a few changes.


While I will always try to put new content up especially Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have to begin to experiment with posting from my phone. This will cause a couple of things to happen. One, I will be posting at “odd” times and “different” days. Not a problem at my end, but easily posting new content announcements to American Made Rum, Facebook and even Twitter may be a bit more difficult. So you can help by doing one simple thing. Click on the places where you can Follow or Subscribe to the blog. Off to the left you'll see a spot that says Subscribe to and the choices “Posts” and “All Comments”. All Posts will let you know when new posts are made so you can stop by and read them. All Comments, well, are all comments made. In this blog that section is not too busy at all, but if you grab Posts, the Comments are an option for additional coverage.

The next spot Says Follow the Rum Runner by Email. Just slap your email in there (It DOES NOT get sold or given to anyone!!!) and you'll be notified via Email when I plop some Rum News onto the Runner Blog. Finally..... Those with Google Friends – you can join that way. That is the next and final spot there on the right for you to get notified. This will make it easier, and allow you to have a reminder available when YOU want to read it by looking at the reminders or emails later on in a day. Please, next time you stop in – Join, Subscribe, Register – whatever you want to call it and enjoy RTRR at your leisure.

Next change. I will soon be dumping the section along the upper banner that says TASTING CARDS. Hassle to do – keep track of and all that. What to my wondering eyes did appear? The wonderful web site called RumRatings.... I will try to get a permanent link set so you and I can go rate our favorite rums and in particular those made here in the US! For now... Just use the Hyperlink here to go there.... Please – join in the fun and Andy promises to add a place where we can chat – Look for Ol' Rick to be there often to talk alcohol....

Finally – I have been Sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad – but look for new additions to Rum Distillers in the US – List. I am sorry to so many of you but I have to confess (EG give a phoney excuse). I NEVER dreamed there'd be so many US Rum Distillers!!!! I have just fallen down on the job. I will catch up... Promise.. Really... I swear....

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!! Stop by – read – Register, Join, Subscribe – and THANK YOU!

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