Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Virtual Visit With Privateer Rum

As I try to catch up with all the new (both in age and new to me) rums and distillers I decided to go back and highlight a few. This is Privateer Rum.

Our Rums

Privateer Silver Reserve Rum:

Eminently mixable and sip-able, we distilled Privateer Silver Reserve Rum with the intent of delivering a smoother, more flavorful experience.

Whereas many white rums are characterized by harshness and medicinal flavors, Privateer Silver Reserve Rum was distilled for a more refined and flavorful rum experience.

Tasting Notes:
Exceptionally smooth with notes of golden pear, lime blossom and quince. Our Rum has elegance, depth, clarity of flavor, unfolding layers, with a soft and long finish. 

Maggie Campbell, Distiller 

What the experts are saying:

"Smooth. Balanced. Refined. Privateer Silver Rum is one of today's very finest rums."  
Nancy Fraley
Director of Research
American Distilling Institute

"Congratulations on a great rum! We have over 600 rums in our collection and this one is now among our top 5 favorite whites." 

Luis and Margaret Ayala
Authors and Rum Consultants 

Privateer True American Amber Rum:

Where many amber rums are characterized by excessive sweetness or harshness, Privateer True American Amber is distilled to achieve the rich flavor and complexity more typically associated with a fine bourbon. Enjoy neat or mixed…

Tasting Notes:
Exceptionally smooth and round with waves of orange citrus, sandalwood, leather, cinnamon and spice, and a lingering and silky finish. 

Maggie Campbell, Distiller 

What the experts are saying:

"I've never tasted an amber rum that is this smooth, yet bursting with rich flavor at the same time…pour me another!"

Bill Owens
American Distilling Institute 

I have not tasted it myself -- but it looks like I need to put it on my list.... 


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