Monday, March 25, 2013

A Delayed Spring? - Let's go to Hawaii!

I am one of those people I call "Goldilocks people," I don't like too cold (below 20 degrees) or too hot (Above85degrees) so in general Chicagoland is idea for me. We get warm summers -- and our winters, well they could be worse... What does happen is extremes and rapidly shifting conditions; the highest temperature was 109, lowest -11, without windchill (don't ask). This year is a delayed Spring -- yeesh.... However, rum helps. Yes it helps in the obvious way but also -- visiting United States Distillers. So this wee we start off with ---Hawaii! So, while I change into my shorts and proper shirt, along with my flip-flops -- you can read all about The Kōloa Rum Company.....

They specialise in rum -- so it makes for even a better experience:

Kōloa Rum Company produces the finest, award winning, premium, single-batch Hawaiian Rums at their distillery near the town of Kalaheo, on the beautiful Garden Isle of Kaua`i, Hawaii.

We proudly invite you to savor their unique flavors, created from Hawaii’s distinctive “tall cane” sugarcane and the pure mountain waters of Kaua`i.

Our Distillery

Our distillery in Kalaheo was established on the grounds of the Kukui Brand facilities in 2008 and is the site of our primary distillation and bottling operations. It is under this same roof that we proudly produce both Kukui Brand products and Kōloa Rum throughout the state of Hawaii.
All of our rums are twice distilled using a 1210 gallon copper pot still with a copper column and condenser. Our still was built by Liberty Coppersmiths in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1947 and later refurbished for use in our distillery.


Kōloa Rum Company was founded to create world-class Hawaiian Rum. We are the first and only licensed distillery on the Island of Kaua`i, where sugarcane production has been a traditional way of life. Our first batch of premium Hawaiian Rum was distilled and bottled in September 2009 which coincided with the opening of our Tasting Room & Company Store at Kilohana Plantation. 


Folks, this looks like a great place to visit and sip. Also, the Rums merit a search from me to see if I can get a tasting....
Make sure you visit their website and read their history and philosophy of rum. I'd talk longer but I need to pack..
See you Wednesday!


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