Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wednesday Greetings

This is kind of a catch up blog here so, just to update everyone:

Rum Distillers, New & Old

Since beginning this blog I was very happy to find I am very much on the cutting edge here. Seems the Craft Rum business is really still in the beginning stages of growth. With places like Jersey Artisan Distilling just getting their license and beginning production, or those like 7 Sirens Rum just starting with a opening time of this coming Summer; the already burgeoning Rum Distiller Market is expanding. When I thought about the restriction of confining myself to those rums made in the USA, I felt I'd have a blog that had a limited number of manufacturers and enthusiasts. Boy was I wrong! The ever growing list of distillers of Rum Spirits gets so much longer so much faster that I can not keep up! I apologize to Rum Makers who hope to see their rum represented in our database. It will happen but this part time hobby has grown rapidly! I have to become more disciplined to keep-up.

New Rum Related Sites

One new site dedicated to Rum is Rum Ratings. I joined and began to rate what few rums I have tasted that fall under this blog. I will also rate non-American rums as well, to round out my addiction. I have been remiss in keeping up with rum related sites as well, pity the lazy blogger.


Rick the Rum Runner is on Twitter. Those who read this and wish to, please follow. You can always @Rick_rum_runner    Speaking of that, I will hashtag #Rumlovers... From here on in so join in please!

Dead of Winter Planning for Spring/Summer Travel

Love to drive so I plan to hit Distillers at least around Illinois, so Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana be on the look-out. I will hope to stop by where ever I travel. I will try to make contact with each place and make sure I can visit. For those of you further.... Fly me in!

How To Get Samples?

A question arises. I really want to taste every American Made Rum out there. But, the question remains.... How? Granted I can purchase many of the rums and taste. However, financially that is difficult. I certainly just can't demand that all you fine Distillers send me a bottle (although you are welcome to!) to get taste tested. However, can a small sample be sent to me legally?? I know it would have to be common carrier (UPS, FedEx etc) but 4-6 oz would be more than enough to taste. Anyone have an idea??

I'll be back soon with more news from the land of rum...


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