Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rumratings.Com Launches Site

Ravings of a Rumrunner

I have been talking about this site for some time. Now that Andy has stocked it with many US Rums too, I wanted to spread the word even more. Please join in. I have been able to rate a few rums and even non-US varieties which I don't cover here. It's fun and gives us a place to easily rate a rum and even get rewards! Watch for Rick the Rum Runner to use this site for ratings in the future.



Rumratings.Com Launches With 1000+ Rums, Personalized Cabinets

Contact: Andrew Shannon
+44 7718 987 362

28 January, 2013

RumRatings, an online community where members can rate, share and discover rum, has started with a bang by collecting more than 500 ratings since officially launching 1 January, 2013.

With 1000+ rums from 70 countries that members can add to their personal cabinet, RumRatings has built a haven for enthusiasts who seek an international rum selection and real-life feedback.

Founder and ‘Chief RumRater’ Andrew Shannon has been astonished by the response. “The passion of RumRating’s members has been truly amazing. The ratings feature in-depth knowledge yet have flooded in - a few members rated more than 30 rums in 1 day!''

A recent collaboration with El Dorado rum will surely spur more excitement. In addition to earning badges such as “Captain of the 7 Seas,” each RumRatings member now receives a 15-year El Dorado mini bottle for rating 15 rums.

“I loved the idea since the beginning - and think it’s a brilliant site!” says El Dorado’s International Brand Ambassador Stefanie Holt. “It’s great to see such interesting and passionate ratings from the initial members, and I expect many more to come.”

By incorporating design features that fit all screen sizes, many ratings have been submitted while on-the-go through tablets and smartphones. Future development plans include leader boards, rum discussions, social logins, and a mobile app.

Visit today and create your own personal rum cabinet.

Please contact Andrew Shannon at for more information

About RumRatings

RumRatings is an online rum community where members can create a personal rum cabinet, share stories of rum adventure, and discover new favourite rums. WIth a “RumBase” of 1000+ rums from 70 countries and hundreds of member ratings, RumRatings is quickly becoming a global resource for all things rum. The Rumratings online rum community can be found at



From Rick, the Rum Runner,
For a new site, Rum Ratings makes it SO easy to rate a rum. Also you can go back and re-rate or note changes. I just hit 15 and am still searching both the shelves and my memory for all the rums I have tasted!


  1. Thanks so much for your support Rick!!!

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