Thursday, January 03, 2013

Distiller Updates for 2013

New Additions to our Distiller's List.

Here, at Rick the rum Runner,we're happy to announce that we have almost 50 rum distillers across the United States of America.  Those 50 represent 27 states.  While I am bound and determined to visit each one of these distillers sometime in my life,  it should help you when planning a vacation or just looking to explore a new taste in rum.

To fellow rum tasters like myself perhaps, taking the time the next chance you get for little road trip or vacation to another state, check on the state you're going to and select one or more rum distillers to visit while you're there.  For you Distillers, check your state where you're at and determine that your distillery is listed.  If not, make sure that I am alerted to it it's easy to get to me just use this e-mail.

Until next time I remain Rick the Rum Runner.

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