Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cedar Ridge Dark Rum --- Re-tasted

After fully recovering my taste buds, much to the chagrin of my belt, I have sat at the Rum Bar and looked, and tasted Cedar Ridge Dark Rum under more favorable conditions.

A comment made, and not at all untrue, that tasting anything while still under the influence of “The Flu” (This has been an awful season) really means nothing as far as an honest taste testing. You know that's right. At the time of that taste, I said I'd revisit it.So – Here goes:

Let's Pour about 1 1/2 Oz... Dark Amber color

Let's smell – Immediately I get sweetness. I want to say butterscotch but more of a caramel smell, it's not as sweet but my tongue tip never lies. This is what I was missing the first taste! Also a smokiness. 

A Taste – Yes sweet immediately.. I can taste the sweetness spread across the tongue. First the tip then right down the center. A little wood bit, pleasant; a counter. A spiciness is there too. I venture to say a bit of heat. Warming and comforting. After swallowing...? 

After Taste – Smokiness, slowly returning sweetness. Very refreshing to the mouth. After swallowing I smell the snifter and pick up some spices. Cinnamon, but, not just that. A savory perfume as well. Tasters out there – take you time and re-inhale a glass after swallowing, oh my. Perhaps just a whiff of clove.

Splash of water – By The Way – I always use the same spring water. It's only fair.

Bouquet – Different than straight. Sweetness predominates. A light molasses and sugar. Less caramel

Taste – Oh for me better than straight! It develops body, sweetness. The sweetness is immediate. The wood and whiskey undertones are so much more melded to the whole flavor.

Straight – over Ice – this is a chameleon of a rum. Over ice (one rock, 1 oz rum). The initial is not so different to straight (as written above). The slow addition of water via melt, is enriching. I have to be honest – even more water brings out more sweetness.

With Coke (my Mix) --- I was a bit wary of this mix but no problem. I remember in my youth drinking Johnny Walker Red and Coke, and liking it. I am not a whiskey kind of guy – but have to say that the use of their barrels is a great addition to the rum experience. Mixed with the sweet Coke, really makes a caramel-ly, smokey mix that is fun to sip. I still may not like whiskey -- but whiskey barrel aged rum is quite nice.


OK lets look at this over all. I say that Cedar Ridge Dark Rum, aged in used whiskey casks – is a winner. When I started this blog – I was a neophyte when it came to darker rums and spiced rums. Once I had quality rums of those recipes, that shyness disappeared. Don't get me wrong – white rums are great, but, the addition of aging in a cask adds new layers of flavor, aroma and character. My Daughter bought me a bottle of Cedar Ridge Dark Rum – and I have to say it's a perfect gift.

Please make sure you visit Cedar Ridge if you are or travel near to Iowa and look for their rums near you in good liquor stores.

Until then I am:

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