Saturday, December 29, 2012

Makers Tastes --- Drum Circle Distilling

Just reading these Makers tastes I have begun to really learn much about rum. Join us on this trip south.

From the great state of Florida we welcome Drum Circle Distilling. Their rum has the "oh so warm and sweet," name of; Siesta Key Rum...
Let's look at their variety. Sparing no time:
Siesta Key Spiced Rum

Florida rum with real spices and honey

Siesta Key Spiced Rum is hand-crafted in small batches in Sarasota, Florida at our small, artisan distillery. We make our spiced rum by infusing our award winning rums with real spices and then adding honey for a bit of sweetness. We do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners and you can taste the difference. Siesta Key Spiced rum is unlike any mass market spiced rums. But don't rely on our opinion, SK Spiced rum took home the first place, Best in Class medal at the biggest rum competition/festival in the world, the RumXP International Tasting Competition. SK Spiced was also named one of the best artisan products in the United States by Cooking Light magazine for 2012.

Next we look into the bottles and see:
Siesta Key Silver Rum

A taste of paradise in every sip…

Our silver rum is made with molasses from Florida-grown sugar cane, triple-filtered water, and a secret set of yeasts. We have a unique distillation and filtration process that results in a pure, flavorful and incredibly smooth rum that you are sure to enjoy straight or mixed.
We are also pleased to highlight that Siesta Key Silver Rum took the Best in Class Gold medal at the largest rum festival/competition in the western hemisphere, the RumXP International Tasting Competition, beating out several large well known brands in a blind taste test. Earlier batches also won a Silver Medal at the 2010 International Rum Festival, a Silver Medal at the highly competitive New York International Spirits Competition and a Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

An old saying is – if you have silver – you'll want gold and Drum Circle Distilling does not disappoint.

Siesta Key Gold Rum

High-Quality, Smooth and Flavorful

Siesta Key Gold Rum is hand-crafted in small batches in Sarasota, Florida at our small, artisan distillery. We make our rums from start to finish, using local 100% Florida grown sugar cane, triple-filtered water, and distillation in a true copper pot still.
Our Gold Rum is aged in charred American oak barrels to bring out it's wonderful color and vanilla notes. The result is a high-quality, smooth and flavorful rum that can be enjoyed
sipped neat or over ice, or used as the base for your favorite rum cocktails.
So, we've made it as far south as Florida to find fine crafted rum.... Where to next?
Remember, if you run out.... lick the glass!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crawling out from under the Flu...

While I always enjoy the Holidays and the big family Christmas gatherings, my participation this year was severely cut back. I missed my In-laws gathering sharing foods, drinks and stories. I missed Breakfast on Christmas Eve at my Daughter-In-Law's .... Absent for Christmas Morning breakfast at my Brother-In-Law's. I could not let everyone down for Christmas at Gramma's & Grandpa's, because that's me! So Gramma did about 97% of the work and we made it through. Still, though the road back is tough.
Happy to report along with other great gifts we add a new Rum to our shelves.
Cedar Ridge Distillery's Dark Rum was added. My taste is still nearly null so it will be some time before we taste and post. Hopefully, tomorrow we start adding some more Makers Tastings -- so stay tuned

Until then -- I remain, Rick The Rum Runner (RTRR)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Heading into the Holidays

Things are going to be a bit sporadic over the next few days. Family parties and dinners to do all make the season. I need to get back into research and stock up on New found distillers out there. If you have any ideas - or comments -- please email them to me or comment below. Starting ideas for a Rum Drink and Rum food recipe section are still there on the drawing board. It's going to be an exciting 2013... !

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Next Maker's Tasting.... DogFish Head.

It seems this is a first for my blog (most likely not my last). Dogfish Head is not just a distillery. It is also a brewery. That is not all that uncommon, but, it's also a restaurant. It sounds like a pretty interesting place. So much so I think I'll let their website explain it: “Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is where Dogfish Head all began back in 1995. We have the state's only legal distillery where we make lots of hand-crafted spirits, upstairs in our Rehoboth Beach Brewpub, and a small experimental brewery, so we always have something interesting on tap or in the fermenters for you to try! No matter what the occasion, we know you'll enjoy yourself at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, so come stop by for a visit!
This east coast representative sounds like a visit that goes well beyond a tour. Let's look at the rums they offer.

1. Dogfish Head Brown Honey Rum is a double-distilled, amber rum aged on American oak and Wildflower Honey. Dark and smooth, this rum has a subtle woody character from the oak aging and a touch of sweetness from the honey. 80 proof.
Recommended to Scotch and Bourbon drinkers. Typically served on the rocks or neat, this flavorful beverage makes a perfect after dinner digestive.

I like the way they present their spirits. The reference to Scotch and Bourbon drinkers is a great starting point. It gives enough of a hint to steer you there.

2. Dogfish Head White-Light Rum is a traditional unspiced rum. This rum is triple distilled and incorporates the same pot-still methods as our other rums. The character of the high-quality molasses we use shines through in this rum. This rum is 80 proof.
The White-Light Rum is available only in at the source, Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in downtown Rehoboth Beach, DE. This rum is not distributed.

While I did not need much of a temptation – What a great reason to visit!!!

3. Dogfish Head Wit Spiced Rhum is a triple-distilled rum aged on Curacao orange peel and coriander. This is a refreshing citrus rum that starts with a note of spiciness and ends with a citrus character. 80 proof as well.
Mixed drink, soda or Dogfish cocktail

In Summary

So, a name few of you will forget leads us to three rums that sound well worth a trip. East coat Rum Fans – Please stop by and let the Old Rum Runner know what's going on.... Check their website, Facebook and we will stick a pin in our map to stop by and visit ASAP...

Till Next time – I still am – Rick, The Rum Runner (RTRR)...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Additions - New Distillers

From time to time I try to encourage readers of Sippin, My Way Through to check the Page listing of Rum Distillers in the USA - List. One easy way is to tell you; I've added more! We are up to 25 States... Which brings me to ask... Hey Distillers!! comment on these posts or email me --- I want to include you!!!!!
So here are the newest additions to Rum Distillers in the USA - List:

From Georgia, we welcome Richland Rum. They are the first Georgia distiller we have.
Another first, from Michigan, Big CedarDistilling Welcome!
North Carolina now also has its first rum distiller, Muddy River Distillery
Tuthilltown Spirits joins distillers from New York on our database
South Carolina is represented by its first distillery on or dbase – Firefly Distillery LLC
That wraps up the additions this time. Happy sipping and please let THEM know you found out on Rick, The Rum Runner – Sippin My Way Through!!

RickTRR - Lick your glass clean!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A new flavor from a past tasted Rum

So last night, I was enjoying a Taildragger Rum (Tailwinds Distillery) in my sweetened Iced Tea. After stirring a nice jigger of it in, I tasted it. Oh -- Suddenly a very obvious tastes that I did not experience before. The definite flavor of cinnamon!  So I am adding that to my Taste Card..... Any new flavors in your rum??

Muddy River Distillery --- The Video

Just made contact with these fine people. Rob Delaney has the passion for distillation.. Take a look and comment please!

The Makers - The Distiller | Charlotte, NC Videography from landonJAMES on Vimeo.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Makers Tasting – Chapter Two

Desert Diamond Distillery

Today we look at the intriguing selections of rum offered by Desert Diamond Distillery, located in Arizona. As I looked at picks made for blogging I was attracted by the first offering, Gold Miner Agave Rum. They have quite a selection of rums – so without further delay:

Desert Diamond Distillery

Gold Miner Agave Rum – Mmmmmm! Our customer favorite at the tasting bar! We take our award winning dark rum and add hints of delicate specialty flavors including Agave, and we arrive at a delicious one of a kind after dinner sipping rum. Whether you drink our Agave Rum on ice or at room temperature, this hand crafted smooth-as-silk flavor is sure to tantalize your taste buds. You can mix this rum too, but be warned, after one sip you will probably not want to mix it with anything. 2011 SIP Award Silver Medal Winner.

Yes this sounds like something I need to taste....

Gold Miner Dark Rum – Our Dark Rum won a bronze medal from the Ministry of Rum in 2010, and a Platinum Medal in the 2011 SIP Awards. We start with a base of our Signature White Rum and age it with white American and French oak. The secret to the enticing flavors of our Dark Rum is in the simplicity.....the subtle flavors inherent in our Dark Rum that distinguishes it from all other rums out there! This is a full bodied taste with just the right notes of aging from the oak. Distinguished and grown up, this Dark Rum is a winner!

So this is the base of Gold Miner Agave Rum – correct? I am often surprised when a Distiller decides to make it better.... Such is the way of American Made Rums!

Gold Miner Rum – Our Signature Gold Miner White Rum is a real surprise when you first taste it. It has a very full bouquet of vanillas that finishes just a bit sweet and definitely smooth.....It is great for mixing your favorite drink, cooking with it and even making desserts. Most of all you will find that our Gold Miner Rum is one drink you can enjoy when just sitting back and having a relaxing drink on the rocks. This Rum garnered a Bronze Medal in the 2011 SIP Awards.

So for you folks in Arizona and it environs – DDD sounds like a maker whose rums demand a taste!

Gold Miner Barrel Reserve Rum – Bottled in February of 2012, out of D3's very first Barrel, this incredibly unique one-of-a-kind taste garnered a GOLD medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March. The aroma is sweet and spicy. The taste is smooth and well developed, with hints of spice and licorice and a background of oak aged vanillas. It finishes smooth, yet firm with a full bodied taste that rum drinkers look for. Each bottle is labeled with the Barrel number (1) and the bottle number on the back label. A true connoisseur's drink, and limited edition.

Limited – sure – but hopefully some for me??

Triple D's Gold Miner Rums sound good. Makes my mouth water and my curiosity is aroused. Anyone out there had any of these rums? Please drop us a line and tell me about or email or comment below...
Rick TRR...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Makers Tasting - Chapter One

Rum Tasting Today

I have begun to make sure I visit many of the Distillers we have on our Rum Distillers List and find, read and savor their description of their Rum's flavors and drinkability. Since this is a newer blog and no one has been sending me their personal taste experiences (stern look at → You, yes, YOU) to post and discuss, I felt that the makers should get their shot at tempting us. So I randomly began going to the pages of some of the Distillers and will post their descriptions...

Today? – Railean Distillers

From the proud state of Texas is Railean Distillers. They boast 4 rums available. They do not sell it online, but, they write that distributors can get it to your liquors store(s) if you ask for: “RAILEAN Handcrafted American Spirits. In most cases the establishment will be more than happy to bring the product in for you especially when they find out RAILEAN is the only Rum Certified Made in USA which distinguishes it among all other rum on the market.
If they do not carry the RAILEAN please have them contact us and we will work with them to identify the distributor representing RAILEAN.”
I have a couple of contacts in Texas that may help me get my hands on it and being in Chicagoland – we have distributors who can get it – so I hope to be stocking this in The Rum Runner's Bar soon.

For now, let's let Railean speak to us....


RAILEAN White Rum is distilled multiple times to produce a pure, smooth spirit. It is crisp, clean, refreshing and absolutely perfect for making tropical drinks such as Mojitos, Rum Punch, and Daiquiris.

It possesses an exceptionally dry taste and immediately comes alive on the palate with subtle notes of vanilla, sugar cookie, citrus and spice. The finish is smooth, clean and flavorful.

Just from that. I am looking forward to a glass-to-tongue introduction.


RAILEAN Spiced Rum is aged in small, new, double-charred, American oak barrels with a proprietary blend of spices and natural flavors. It is aged to perfection making it smooth, yet flavorful and perfect when mixed with cola.
The nose is sweet and spicy with vanilla bean, toffee, honey and nutmeg. The palate is of good body with notes of molasses and spice, and a hint of butterscotch. The finish is medium with spice and sweetness.

Rum runner confession time. Never been a huge fan of “spiced” rums. Now I think and have been told it's because I have not tried the right ones. I am making an early New Year's Resolution. Get over Spicedrumaphobia. So Look out peeps...


RAILEAN Reserve XO Rum is aged in small, new, double-charred, American oak barrels. It is aged to perfection making it smooth, yet flavorful and perfect for a premium Cuba Libre.
The Reserve XO has fabulous aromas of brown sugar, spice and oak. It is soft and well-rounded, and as it opens up; it reveals an array of chocolate, caramel and toasted walnut notes. The finish is smooth, warm and relaxing.

This sounds like the result of following The Rum Runner's Creed “If you treat the rum well, it shall return the favor.” Sign me up.


RAILEAN Small Cask Single Barrel Rum has at least twice the age of the Reserve XO. It is aged in small, new, double-charred, American oak barrels, just like the Reserve XO. However, we hand select each barrel and then filter and bottle one barrel at a time. The Small Cask is rich and sophisticated with notes of oak, leather, and mocha. The first sip reveals toasted sugar notes, with hints of caramel and dark chocolate. The finish is long and full bodied with a delicious earthy and woodsy quality.

This rum is perfect for sipping on the rocks, or with just a splash of water or cola.

Again, the Creed. So – high on my two-edged list: Get to taste any/all of Railean's Rums and – Get to San Leon Texas and visit – taste and talk Railean Rum...

See you next time with another taste!


Rum News -- To you....

This just in...

From time to time I will be posting news in the Rum World. As the industry grows new products and ideas spring up.
This from Rum Runner Press Inc. (Not affiliated with Rick The Rum Runner in any way)

Starting December 2012, US-based rum specialists will be adding Cuban style rum to their growing portfolio of bulk rums, available to distributors and brand owners


Monday, December 10, 2012

The story of American Rum

After reading (and while continuing to read) the fascinating history of Rum in the US, I have compiled a short but hopefully non-sleep inducing history of rum as it pertains to the United States, more than a century before it was the United States.
My advice -- Pour a nice portion of rum - perhaps neat, over a rock even mixed and settle in for a read...

A Brief History of Rum

Seems that a “Brief History of Rum” can be done but rum it self has along, long history. The beginnings of rum may go back in time further than we realize. The Malay people made a drink called “brum” that may be one of the earliest references to a rum-like drink. Not sure if it was a distilled or brewed drink. In the 1500's the explorer Marco Polo mentions in his journals of a sugar-wine. Surely rum in some form had been around for a long, long time. Its history in the Americas follows quite quickly after colonization.

Life Before Flavor

Eating back then was not the epicurean delight we now know. Spices like cinnamon, caraway, mustard sesame, and even black pepper were unknown. However, many of the early spice trades were for spices used in ointments and burial procedures by the Egypt ions and others, not for food. So when so many of these now familiar spices hit the cooking pot – their value exploded. Sugar was the new “spice” that gained value. So much so that at one time it stood in the “worth its weight in gold” standard we hear of. It had turned to be a money maker. Whole countries wanted the sweet spice. Colonies in The New World arose in the Caribbean and the land now the Unites States to, not only, grow and process sugar (Sugar crystallization had been available since around 500BC) but to ship it world-wide. With the abundance of sugar cane growing in the ideal conditions of the southern (one day to be) states and the Carib, the processing, crystallization, packaging and shipping soon ate up all available man-power. Slavery grew from the local residents being impressed into labor to trade with Africa for human labor. A dark time in history though one that helped the foundling country that would be come USA begin an ascent into financial power. 

The growth of a new drink

While the sugar industry grew, the waste products did as well. Slaves and other workers found that using the “Black Strap Molasses” which was nearly worthless for further sugar production, they could brew and distill an alcoholic beverage. This new product too began to become popular. It was not a refined wine, but a workingman’s distilled drink. Sailors: private, military and privateer, all adopted it. Picking it up in ports gained to load and unload the sugar cargoes. We all know that English sailors had a rum ration and who can't recall singing “Yo Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum,” without feeling all pirate-like? 

Rum lands on what would become US soil

In 1664 the first rum distillery was opened in New York, on Staten Island. Another opened in Massachusetts just 3 years later. The New England style rum was a lighter, more refined drink than was  obtained from the islands to the south. It's popularity grew. So large, in-fact, that The British government began taxing it in the colonies. As always, there is some government somewhere that wants its share.

The Patriotic drink

In 1764, the Sugar Act was another of a long list of taxes laid upon the back of the American Colonists. The rum made by the New England Distillers used more sugar than the all molasses southern recipe. Sugar taxes grew as popularity grew. While the dark days of rum production include the expansion of slavery, it can be said that it played a part in The American Revolution as well.

The near-death of American rum 

Over the years, most of North American continental distilleries shut down. The Volstead Act pretty much brought it to near complete stoppage. However, rum, like moonshine whiskey still, was made in the back lots and forests of the US. Once the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th, spirits of all kinds began to return in the United States.

Rebirth, rediscovery

Today with changing laws and licensing, Rum as a Craft Industry has grown. There have been local makers both legal and illegal since the first colonies. But now, as Distillers have rediscovered the deep flavors and richness of small batch distillation, Rum is beginning to be re-discovered and appreciated. Now, don't get me wrong. There are fine rums all over this planet. And the good ones are constantly being revealed and apprized. In the US though, we are directed more toward our own history with this spirit. We have a history, we have made major contributions in the art of rum-making. Now, many wonderful rums are available to discerning drinkers everywhere. Rick, the Rum Runner and American Made Rum is about helping spread the word.

Just an important looking "minor heading" to keep you reading

Explore – Discover – Enjoy!!! Drink American Made Rum and taste the difference!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Railean Rum -- Video

A nice little video introducing Railean Rum. Made in Texas and appreciated everywhere .. A great way to start the weekend!
Our way of saying:

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Journeyman Distillery Video Tour

Found this great Video touring the distillation process at Journeyman's Distillery in Three Oaks Michigan.

I like these mini tours as the weather begins to change around here it makes it a bit tougher to get out and visit. Also, those of you who like to drink it but would love to know how its made, it shows you the basic process... Enjoy

So Many Ideas

Seems like my head is full.... No not sinusitis, just ideas. 

I linked a few videos (the second being a whole 26 seconds.... Gotta get me eyeglasses looked at; I swear there was 1:26 ) and that got a bunch of views -- That is wonderful. I know the hand crafted rums are still an expanding market -- but I know there are enough rum drinkers out there who are looking for something new. Well, I am too.
I want to see Rick The Rum Runner grow. I know I have a good reading audience and the likes over on American Made Rum is heartening, but, I need to get out further. So, I ask a favor. As you read this or just after you're done, please invite a friend, share me with one (two would be fabulous) people who you know might enjoy this journal of discovery. Also, let me know what you think -- Comment. "I love it" is appreciated but what I really look for is "I like it; BUT..." It's those buts I look for. What do we need to do to make it better -- more interesting to you? 
Here is what I have on tap -- a more available Rum Recipe section - which will be two parts of one page. Drink recipes using rum. Since the rum we speak of is not the ordinary, I want these drinks to be beyond the ordinary as well. Also -- simple one for just that time when you want to sit & sip, Not complicated, just warming and good. The second will be a section where rum is used in food recipes. I am just beginning to explore this and have to say I as am intrigued as anyone!
So there you have it -- I give you an assignment. Recommend/share Rick The Rum Runner with at least one other person. Two, Go to American Made Rum and like us there. Finally -- leave a comment here as to which direction you'd like to see us go..
Until then, I remain
Rick TRR

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tailwinds Distillery -- Video

Found this -- I'd say a historic Video for everyone at Tailwinds Distillery -- The first batch of Taildragger Rum...

Always love to see that #1

LOL I thought I saw 1:26 --- Oh well; Still the #1 Batch!