Wednesday, December 05, 2012

So Many Ideas

Seems like my head is full.... No not sinusitis, just ideas. 

I linked a few videos (the second being a whole 26 seconds.... Gotta get me eyeglasses looked at; I swear there was 1:26 ) and that got a bunch of views -- That is wonderful. I know the hand crafted rums are still an expanding market -- but I know there are enough rum drinkers out there who are looking for something new. Well, I am too.
I want to see Rick The Rum Runner grow. I know I have a good reading audience and the likes over on American Made Rum is heartening, but, I need to get out further. So, I ask a favor. As you read this or just after you're done, please invite a friend, share me with one (two would be fabulous) people who you know might enjoy this journal of discovery. Also, let me know what you think -- Comment. "I love it" is appreciated but what I really look for is "I like it; BUT..." It's those buts I look for. What do we need to do to make it better -- more interesting to you? 
Here is what I have on tap -- a more available Rum Recipe section - which will be two parts of one page. Drink recipes using rum. Since the rum we speak of is not the ordinary, I want these drinks to be beyond the ordinary as well. Also -- simple one for just that time when you want to sit & sip, Not complicated, just warming and good. The second will be a section where rum is used in food recipes. I am just beginning to explore this and have to say I as am intrigued as anyone!
So there you have it -- I give you an assignment. Recommend/share Rick The Rum Runner with at least one other person. Two, Go to American Made Rum and like us there. Finally -- leave a comment here as to which direction you'd like to see us go..
Until then, I remain
Rick TRR

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