Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Additions - New Distillers

From time to time I try to encourage readers of Sippin, My Way Through to check the Page listing of Rum Distillers in the USA - List. One easy way is to tell you; I've added more! We are up to 25 States... Which brings me to ask... Hey Distillers!! comment on these posts or email me --- I want to include you!!!!!
So here are the newest additions to Rum Distillers in the USA - List:

From Georgia, we welcome Richland Rum. They are the first Georgia distiller we have.
Another first, from Michigan, Big CedarDistilling Welcome!
North Carolina now also has its first rum distiller, Muddy River Distillery
Tuthilltown Spirits joins distillers from New York on our database
South Carolina is represented by its first distillery on or dbase – Firefly Distillery LLC
That wraps up the additions this time. Happy sipping and please let THEM know you found out on Rick, The Rum Runner – Sippin My Way Through!!

RickTRR - Lick your glass clean!

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