Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Makers Tasting - Chapter One

Rum Tasting Today

I have begun to make sure I visit many of the Distillers we have on our Rum Distillers List and find, read and savor their description of their Rum's flavors and drinkability. Since this is a newer blog and no one has been sending me their personal taste experiences (stern look at → You, yes, YOU) to post and discuss, I felt that the makers should get their shot at tempting us. So I randomly began going to the pages of some of the Distillers and will post their descriptions...

Today? – Railean Distillers

From the proud state of Texas is Railean Distillers. They boast 4 rums available. They do not sell it online, but, they write that distributors can get it to your liquors store(s) if you ask for: “RAILEAN Handcrafted American Spirits. In most cases the establishment will be more than happy to bring the product in for you especially when they find out RAILEAN is the only Rum Certified Made in USA which distinguishes it among all other rum on the market.
If they do not carry the RAILEAN please have them contact us and we will work with them to identify the distributor representing RAILEAN.”
I have a couple of contacts in Texas that may help me get my hands on it and being in Chicagoland – we have distributors who can get it – so I hope to be stocking this in The Rum Runner's Bar soon.

For now, let's let Railean speak to us....


RAILEAN White Rum is distilled multiple times to produce a pure, smooth spirit. It is crisp, clean, refreshing and absolutely perfect for making tropical drinks such as Mojitos, Rum Punch, and Daiquiris.

It possesses an exceptionally dry taste and immediately comes alive on the palate with subtle notes of vanilla, sugar cookie, citrus and spice. The finish is smooth, clean and flavorful.

Just from that. I am looking forward to a glass-to-tongue introduction.


RAILEAN Spiced Rum is aged in small, new, double-charred, American oak barrels with a proprietary blend of spices and natural flavors. It is aged to perfection making it smooth, yet flavorful and perfect when mixed with cola.
The nose is sweet and spicy with vanilla bean, toffee, honey and nutmeg. The palate is of good body with notes of molasses and spice, and a hint of butterscotch. The finish is medium with spice and sweetness.

Rum runner confession time. Never been a huge fan of “spiced” rums. Now I think and have been told it's because I have not tried the right ones. I am making an early New Year's Resolution. Get over Spicedrumaphobia. So Look out peeps...


RAILEAN Reserve XO Rum is aged in small, new, double-charred, American oak barrels. It is aged to perfection making it smooth, yet flavorful and perfect for a premium Cuba Libre.
The Reserve XO has fabulous aromas of brown sugar, spice and oak. It is soft and well-rounded, and as it opens up; it reveals an array of chocolate, caramel and toasted walnut notes. The finish is smooth, warm and relaxing.

This sounds like the result of following The Rum Runner's Creed “If you treat the rum well, it shall return the favor.” Sign me up.


RAILEAN Small Cask Single Barrel Rum has at least twice the age of the Reserve XO. It is aged in small, new, double-charred, American oak barrels, just like the Reserve XO. However, we hand select each barrel and then filter and bottle one barrel at a time. The Small Cask is rich and sophisticated with notes of oak, leather, and mocha. The first sip reveals toasted sugar notes, with hints of caramel and dark chocolate. The finish is long and full bodied with a delicious earthy and woodsy quality.

This rum is perfect for sipping on the rocks, or with just a splash of water or cola.

Again, the Creed. So – high on my two-edged list: Get to taste any/all of Railean's Rums and – Get to San Leon Texas and visit – taste and talk Railean Rum...

See you next time with another taste!


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