Friday, November 16, 2012

The Value of Numbers

Confessional is Open

So, I am enjoying this blog immensely. However, I have to hope more people subscribe to it (please feel free to register your email to get the latest updates and posts here). Regardless though, I think the long run will see real growth. In the mean time I see evolution being paramount. One thing is "Ratings". I have done only 2 taste tests of great US made Rums. At the end of each I attach a number. Well, last night I lay in darkness about "The Number." A rating from 1-10 or from -100 to +100, what value does it have? It's my number of how I think a certain rums tastes. But let's look at the rating as I have it set up now. What does 1 to 10 mean? Sewer water to The Perfect Rum? OK, I may be qualified in the sewer water department, but, The Perfect Rum (TPR)? How the hell would I know? Sure I have been drinking rum over 40 years (I have no comment on any pre-age 21 experimentation in ANY alcoholic beverage) but really have not started to really investigate new, different and/or craft rums since 1996. Would I know TPR if I drank it? Again, who makes it TPR? So I have been thinking of eliminating the numbered rating. But what I want is reaction. Please PLEASE take a moment to comment. I'll take experts, distillers, fans even innocent bystanders. I just want some reaction.

The Problem, for Me

If 1 is Bad and 10 is Perfect, let us look at the rating. First, who would make, taste and market a Bad Rum? So if 1 is not godawful what IS 1? Good enough to drink but not as good as........... what? Another brand? Geezuz! So who picks the Bad #1 rum?? I want no part of it.
If 10 is Perfect, let's see how that racks up. Perfect by whose rules? Yeah, every drinker is looking for a different taste. So there is no Perfect Rum, but there could be TPR for you. You have a discriminating taste, looking for a rum with certain flavors, sweetness etc... Perhaps you are just looking for THE BEST to make a Mojito.
My feeling. I will honestly rate each rum by taste, aroma, appearance, etc. I'll tell you what I taste, smell, see; but, to give it a number? It would only rate it from me, by me, for me. That sounds quite selfish. I want to have a conversation about rum. I want to help people make a decision on a rum that sounds attractive to THEM. So my move would be to eliminate the 1-10 rating and post my opinion as..... well, my opinion! Also, I want to post YOUR opinion so that readers can see more than one point of view. That is why comments are needed, followers encouraged.  Join in.

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