Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taildragger Rum White – Tasting

The 170 Proof Taste.

So we all remember where we left off last episode. Toby Beall had just offered me a sample from The Louisville Lush. Right around 170 proof (Taildragger, if I remember correctly is 80-85 proof range) was the call. Okay, I inhaled and found the aroma a mix of fruit and floral. Really different than most rums I had recently tasted, American or not. I took just enough to wet my lips and licked off the film. Wow, no bite – smooth and at 170 proof that surprised me. Sweet? Not as much as I had recently had nor expected – sure there was the rum flavor, that natural sweet but more a molasses strength than a sugar sweet. I did discover that sucking air through it to find back flavors took a bit extra – that's when the fragrance got really intense! But with moderation I found a stronger molasses flavor. For me I discovered the intensity was the biggest point of focus. But, I chalked that up to proof.

So, next stop the tasting bar sampling the bottled product. I slid into a stool, and Toby poured a nice sample into their snifter style glass, emblazoned with the Tailwinds logo.


Swirl, swirl and a deep sniff. Yes, the fruit and floral was there. There was a bit of candy, call it butterscotch but very much in background. I did detect the molasses sweet more in the bottled rum than in the nearly double proof sample.

Straight Shot

Bit of an alcohol tingle at the lips. The fruitiness is pronounced. I can not pull one out of the fragrance, but a melange of fruit background. Holding it in my mouth the molasses come out – it is robust, but understated. The swallow is smooth and in take a breath for a sweet finish. The glass walls show thick legs

On The Rocks

Cold seems to sweeten the flavor. Overall, it holds together just like a straight shot. Now drawing in air makes the blackstrap molasses sing. Nice – I added no lemon nor lime – but if someone added a few ounces of Taildragger with ice and lime.... Summer in my mind!


Have to say the delicate flavor are broken up if you add too much. My recommendation is if you want water – go over ice, let it melt in. The more robust fruits and molasses is still there, a lot of the bouquet is lost.

My Diet-Coke Mix

Pleasant, Taildragger does not get sugary sweet, nor does it get a caramel flavor as much as many others. The back flavors, the blackstrap, the fruitiness become more pronounced. It made the drink different from any rum mix with D-Coke I 've had. And, I like it!

My Score??

Based AGAINST just one USA made Rum and my background of Universal spirits I am already splitting hairs. I have a 1-10 rating and like this one just a bit more than the last. As I have said – I am looking for other raters and we need multiple tasters to sidle up to the bar and give me their opinion. So after beating around the bush --- Taildragger Rum White gets an 8....

Until next taste..... Get your daily ration – that's an order.

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