Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prichard's Crystal Rum - Tasting

Let's Start

First of all let me introduce my bottle of Prichard's Crystal Rum. The bottle is as clear as the rum. A nice rounded look. I like this shape -- it has the look of age, like a cache of bottles from the 1700's was found. The top, sealed by a faux black wax and while it is a synthetic cork, it still has that satisfying "thunk" when you open it. In addition a silver ribbon seal is glued across the top. Very nice presentation.

Let's drink!

 Straight up

Aroma: From the bottle you get vanilla - immediately. From the glass vanilla with a hint of caramel. 

Taste: Front - Very smooth up front. Just a hint of tang at the tongue-tip. I taste a bit of butter scotch as well. There's a sweetness, not molasses as much as cane sugar. Just a hint of alcohol.

In mouth - Let it roll a bit.. sweetness stays - intensifies along the sides. The swallow has a burst of tingle then cool sweet. I'd say under the tongue is sweetest. For some reason -- just a hint of floral soon after swallow.

After taste: In the glass Crystal Rum has a thickness. As clear as water, and it legs on the glass, long, thick streaks. Look at the picture and you can see them.... Sweetness!


Less Than 1 oz water with 2 oz Crystal
Water gives you a sweet, very, very smooth drink. This tastes best with just a splash of water -- less is better!

Added ice: I recommend Crystal cold, especially if the molasses flavor is what you are looking for. The aroma is muted, but the flavor comes through -- sweetness under control. Definitely molasses. 


Over Rocks: The cold has a soothing effect. Smoother than rum alone. I might even say Crystal would taste good if kept chilled! Seems like the aroma is as muted as with water -- but I seem to detect more flavor. I find the sharpness at swallow much nicer. Colder seems to mean sweeter as well. Just a bit.

Mixed Drink:

I tend to keep it simple and low calorie. Yeah I know it's a sin but I will have a Crystal Rum and Diet Coke. For me this is an important taste as so often I end up drinking an R &D-C at gatherings. As with other premium rums -- The Diet Coke actually tastes sweeter, and any artificial sweetness is replaced in this case with a definite caramel mouth flavor.



This is my taste writing -- I will file a card (starting a page called Taste Cards) later as I distill my comments here into a rating on the card....
Let's be fair - this is my first attempt at a serious tasting. I think I had picked a superior product but I am sure there are many, many more. Prichard's Crystal Rum though would be a very nice addition to your shelves. Guests who appreciate this fine spirit will ask for more. Visit their Web Site and please feel free to like their Facebook Page.
Finally, whenever you do explore some of the fine craft rum distillers, please let them know you read about it at my blog:  Rick The Rum Runner.  If you'd provide a line -- I'll tip a glass of Rum in your name

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