Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News of the Day!

Changes and new stuff...


 So, we got some things done.... well, not done, but started. We now have updated our Rum Distilleries in the USA, page and we now have 21 States of the USA represented! Each has at least ONE rum distillery in it. So, check out your State and make sure you find the one(s) near you. Additionally - If you do not find your favorite distillery -- PLEASE, please email me... We can fix that... We want to fix that. If you are a fan of any one (or more) Distillery -- drop me a line and make sure it is represented!
For all you Still Masters, please make sure we are linked correctly and feel free to comment, email or message me through FB (our page there is American Made Rum). If you are checking us out and can not find YOUR Distillery -- please send us a link and I will personally take care of that! I am amassing a Data Base containing the Distilleries and it grows nearly daily. I will try to update, as necessary, with new additions.


Erin Phelan a friend from Book Crossing as well as Facebook had mentioned cooking with rum. Since finding these great small batched, crafted rums, it is only natural to add those flavors to recipes! So, to fill the hole (Nature and Rick, The Rum Runner abhor a vacuum) I added a link to recipes using rum, in our Rum Related Sites page. BUT.... That's a pretty big but.... I will gladly accept (and actually am begging for) any dish you love to make using rum as an ingredient. Sure we all love drinking rum and even mixing it with other things -- but adding it to food sounds so good! So rather than just a link to some anonymous recipe page, I would love to have personal tried and proven favorites!


Finally, since I am only one, and situated nearly in the middle of the US, I am excited in traveling to and visiting as many Rum Distilleries as I can. However, all kind of restraints are preventing that. So I need to depend on YOU to visit, taste and report to us the experience of fine, American Made Rum as you do. In the mean time, I will try to get to places and/or have rums shipped to me so I can taste as many of these great brews as I can. If you find a rum in the liquor store and love it -- Please write to me and tell us all about it. You don't have to visit the Distillery, just taste the rums you love and let us know what to expect. This blog is about it all. The making of, the tasting of and the discussion of American Made Rums...

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