Sunday, November 04, 2012

Getting some great response to my Blog!

Slowly Coming Together

I have been slowly building a database of American made rums. My education continues. One thing I have started doing is visiting the Distilleries I discover and pay a visit (and "like") to their Facebook page and or websites. I am emailing and/or posting introducing this little endeavor and have gotten some very nice replies. The two I want to mention here are listed below. One I hope to visit in the next few weeks that other.... well some day. But, living in/near Chicago helps tremendously. We have some HUGE spirit distributors here and I have easy access to their retail outlets. That means most (maybe all) of the delicious sounding rums spread across the 5fifty states may be readily available! I have even included the rums of my search on my Christmas gift list, so I'll have friends and family sharing in the journey. As time goes by -- you'll be seeing things grow here -- if you want to join in -- please comment, send email if you'd like and please subscribe to the blog so I can see my audience grow too! For now -- let's look at two American Rum Distillers:

Journeyman Distillery

Located in the great little town of 3-Oaks Michigan, Journeyman Distillery creates a selection of craft made spirits. Our focus is Rum -- but I an sure many of you will be interested in some of the other choices as well. Expect to see me on their blog as I try to learn more and this one is just over a hour from my house so we may be visiting soon! They have a great library of rum mixed drinks and their Product Information leads me to want to sip some neat, soon.

My email was answered by Tiffany and she made it clear that a visit there would be interesting, education and fun... I can live with that!


Those of you near -- or planing to visit Texas, might want to stop by. Tours are available by appointment and you can call directly 713-545-272 or email to set one up. As far as it's location I will quote their website as it is the most picturesque description - with a generous touch of humor, I have read. Makes me want to pack the car and GO.

"The RAILEAN Eagle Point Distillery is the first and the only distillery located in the Houston/Galveston vacinity.

It is actually tucked away along the shores of Galveston Bay in a little coastal town called San Leon. The area was once a stronghold for the swashbuckling pirate Jean Lafitte, today San Leon is a "small drinking community with a large fishing problem". The area is also home to a thriving population of wild parrots called Monk Parakeets, or Quakers which, naturally became the mascot of RAILEAN."

Like most distilleries Railean offers other spirits as well...

That's about it for this entry -- please read -- please comment and subscribe to the blog if you want to know more about American made Rum!!!


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