Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Rum For Tasting...

Trip to the Liquor Store

Managed to stop at the liquor store near my house, Binny's. Noted for their HUGE inventory and willingness to carry even small - craft made beers and spirits, I was anxiously looking forward to my visit. Walk through the door --- head for the Rum aisle. We are talking about 40 feet long and four tiers high. Somewhat disappointed with the selection. over 1/2 are easily the main suppliers. The rest is the less known groups. Some real high end but imported rums, a few handcrafted but imported rums that looked and sounded quality but were not US made either. The only one I recognized with my VERY limited knowledge was Prichard's. Now that brand has four rums -- but only the Chrystal was offered. I though reasonably priced -- so I purchased it. I will discuss my tasting in another post. I stopped at the Service Desk to ask about other brands that I knew -- no distribution for the few I mentioned except one. That would be gotten for me by request.
So what does this trip tell me? First I have to shop with a complete list of brands, for two reasons. One to make sure I spot brands that I already know are US made, speeding up the process and number Two, to ask about availability at the service desks. I really don't mind special ordering something just for me -- Heck Rum Snob sounds better than Rummy! So that is a valuable thing. Another thing I came up with (after discussions with friends and family Friday evening) -- I need to tap some people I know who live in other states that might be able to find and buy harder brands for me to get here in Chicago, and ship them to me privately! Yes thaet opens up availability to some smaller distillers that have no out of state distribution. The education continues.
So more to come -- very soon

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