Thursday, November 08, 2012

Education For This Blogger

Working in the Background

As usual, when you want to do something right, it takes time. Well, blogging is no different. I am working on a list of US Rum Distillers. I want this to be a page that is always available and can bu up dated. That is one of the new things I "think" I have learned how to do. Building that list is going along well, but I will delay posting it until I have a larger representation of Distillers. Also, I have started a design of a tasting card for rum. I plan to bring that to the blog as it begins to look something like a finished product.


Rum Lovers - Please Join In 

I want to include your ideas as well so please, if you are reading this -- Please make this blog a favorite, or click on the button that says "Follow The Rum Runner" or subscribe by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see Subscribe to: Posts (Atom). This final choice will email each new post to you and you can stay informed and hopefully a bit entertained. So, I can tell this blog gets lots of views, but I need you to follow, join, subscribe..... If you like rum or are just wondering what makes this fine spirit so appealing that I decided to blog about it --- Read and follow!!!


Coming Up

I have more Distilleries to talk about and coming very soon -- We go Rum Shopping! Till then, All that is needed to drink a good rum is a 4 ounce glass and a pure heart.

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