Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big Day -- Fun Day

Updates and More

So a normal morning here at Rum Runner central. If you look at the page list you can see we have taste cards. OK we only have one tasting under our belts but the card exists. Check it out just to see what it looks like and find out how you can help. I want you to join in the fun.

The "More"

I needed to check around the web some more, always looking for new distillers or contacts in the Rum Industry. Well, I find The Ministry of Rum. A great forum full of fabulous information, connections, commentary as well as loads of run lovers. Needless to say I submitted my application to join. MoR is about all great rums so my little niche fits in and is unique. I'll be spreading the word about this blog and our Facebook page, American Made Rum.

So I explore more and find another, wonderful sounding Distiller of Fine Spirits, Tailwinds Distilling Company. the very best part is it is with in minutes of my place! Better yet soon after I emailed Tailwinds - got a great response. They "Liked" American Made Rum and checked out the blog as well as inviting me out to their Distillery to talk rum.... It is on the list!

Later I am adding more Distillers into my database (Yes the Rum Distillers in the US will be getting updated tomorrow, I hope) and come across Woodstone Creek in Ohio. I email greetings and a question. Try as I might I can't find a name for their Rum. Well, Linda O. answers; "Still in the barrel. We don't name 'em until they are born.." Gotta say love distillers with passion! Anyone near Cincinnati -- Check out Woodstone.

That's it for now --- Pour a sweet one....

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